10 Tips – Kids in Summer

top 10 tips on how to deal with children and the sun

This is my fourth summer with Devin and I think I have finally cracked what items I need to get him and me through the Irish summer sun safe, healthy, and clothed each day! I  have picked up these tips from experience and from other parents and I thought it would be great to share them, especially for any new parents. So if you would like to know my top 10 tips to get your child through the summer, then keep reading.

Tip 1 – Hats

Hats, Hats and more Hats. This is especially important for any fair haired children. I always buy about 5 cheap and cheerful hats to get me through the summer. 5 you ask…this is to make sure I am never get caught out anywhere without one. We all know that Irish weather is so unpredictable that when we leave it could be raining but by the time we reach our destination the sun is splitting the rocks. We have 2 cars, so a hat is left in each one, one hat in his bag, another one in the places he spends the most time in: My sisters and the crèche. I use a mix of the fisherman caps (covers the ears as well) and the baseball type ones with the flap at the neck (to prevent sun hitting the neck area).Both of these offer more protection when they are out playing or at the beach while the normal baseball caps are great for the car, as the visor can help reduce the glare of the sun coming in from the front windscreen.

Tip 2 – Easy to Apply Sun cream

Easy to apply sun cream with a high SPF. Oh the drama of having to get this on fills me with dread, he hates it! I have found that the spray is best, as you can spray on to your hands and apply to the area quickly as the consistency is much lighter than a cream.


Tip 3 – Buy New Sun Cream Every Year

Don’t forget to buy a new sun cream every year, they have a best by date like all products and it is not worth taking a chance when it comes to the smallies. I always just dump the sun cream at the end of the summer. My favourite is the La Roche-Posay as it is perfect for those with sensitive skin….and it smells gorgeous!

Tip 4 – Capsule Summer Wardrobe

Buy a capsule summer wardrobe. There is no point in spending a fortune on all of those cute summer outfits that you have been eyeing up in the shops, living in Ireland the amount of days that we have sun is heavily outweighed by the damp, humid weather. I have bought 5 pairs of shorts and he already has loads of short sleeve t-shirts as I put them over long sleeve vest when it’s cooler. As the temperatures rise you can wash shorts/t-shirts/dresses in the sink and put them out to dry and they will be ready again for the next day!. This brings me on to the next point.

Tip 5 – Buy Quality Breathable Clothing

Purchase quality shorts/T-shirts/dresses that can hold up against a lot of washing.   Try and make sure the clothing is cotton as this is the most breathable fabric after linen.I have found that H&M basic range is what works for me and they are generally always available on the offer, get 3 for the price of 2. Great quality, great colours/prints, generally 97% cotton and good value sure what more do you need!

Tip 6 – Hydration

Hydration. This is always a struggle as I do not like to give juice as the norm…it’s only a treat item. So If like me you only stick to water, you are probably banging your head of a wall right now..lol. Last year I started to infuse fruit in still water overnight and sure he thought it was brilliant! I added an umbrella and a straw and bobs your uncle water disappeared in seconds. You can also get the little ice pop molds and make your own non sweetened juice pops or for the babies milk ice pops.


Tip 7 – Plasters

Stash of Plasters. Once the good weather comes out you are guaranteed they will be out much more than normal. You can also bet your bottom dollar that once the bare little legs are out on show, you will spend more time cleaning up cuts and plastering them up. Try and get them in plasters of their favourite characters…always brings a smile to their little faces.

Tip 8 – Bring 2 Additional Outfits

Bring 2 additional outfits. You can bet that if you plan a day to the beach or somewhere that you plan to spend the day at….the likely hood of multiple accidents happening will occur, believe me, I know. My poor child has been in the car at times with just a nappy on due to my unpreparedness.

Tip 9 – Blackout Blind/Curtain

Blackout Blind or Blackout Curtains. If you have not got one yet, then you do not know what you’re missing. A blackout blind is a necessity for that night-time routine you have worked so hard on getting right to remain as is. You really do not want the long evenings and sun to hamper that! You can get ones that you can bring anywhere so that you do not have to do without when travelling!


Tip 10 – Check Metal Objects are not Hot

Last but not least always check metal objects like the metal buckle on the car seat or any metal items at the playgrounds before letting your child near them. They can so easily receive a bad burn for these if it’s very hot and to be fair it may be one you would think of immediately.

So that’s it, I hope you found these hints helpful and by all means comment below if there is anything you think should be included.

Yvonne xx






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