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I feel like most bloggers have either wrote posts about their achievements in 2016 or their goals for 2017. Now I have both of these mapped out for myself as I would imagine you the reader are not really that interested in what I achieved in 2016? I also assume that you are not overly interested in my goals for 2017?

I hope you see what I am getting at, I am ASSUMING a lot as I do not know what it is you want to read about. As I have been told on many occasion you should never assume as it makes an ass out of you and me. With that in mind I have written this blog for you, the reader so that you may share with me what you want to see on this blog.

In the later half of the year I focused on Beauty Content Creation and Makeup/Beauty Reviews as I fell in love doing this. I try to put my personality into my post as well as the import content or review information. Again I am making assumptions. This is what happens when you sit alone, behind a laptop, the only perspective you have is your own!

I have created fashion post’s and even documented my first photo shoot and some parenting and event pieces as I tried to find my way. I have to say a mix of these post have received the most hits on the site this year so I am not sure which way to take the blog in 2017.

Would you like me to continue on as I am? Or would you like to see Tutorials, Vlogs, Infographics or step by step picture tutorials? I write the blog as I really enjoy doing it, however, I also write with you the readers in mind. Please let me know what direction you would like Putting It Out There go?

Also, do you want to know more about me? Will my specific achievements or disasters encourage you to come back and visit the blog or do you see it as blowing my own trumpet? I started the blog about me initially but I found it hard to continue to keep “putting it out there” in regards to me specifically. I started to feel slightly narcissistic so I stopped and moved away from it. Now I will address this more on the blog year later in the month as it turns a year old. I have not planned to follow it further, unless you want to know about it!

The last question is specific to the beauty side of the blog which is my most prominent side and I am asking as I know that there is huge discussion around sponsored blog post (which none of my post are by the way) along with bloggers receiving product from PR/Brands. I personally have received products from various different brands and PR agencies and have always disclosed this element. For me it does not alter my judgement, I do not feature products I have not enjoyed. What I mean is that I am not going to write a whole post around a product that was crap/not suitable/or that did not work for me. It does not mean I will not say I don’t like it ( My beauty fails 2016 is my next post).

This leads me to ask; does it bother you reading post that I have wrote around a PR Sample? Or are you happy as long as it is disclosed? I just feel like the Beauty side of blogging is a minefield at the moment, spurned on by the one and only, very opinionated Rosemary McCabe (not that I disagree) as well as a whole thread on Boards.ie.

This is obviously directed at the big wigs, but I wonder does it feed down to us mere foot soldiers, fighting our way for a place in this saturated market of beauty bloggers! Would you rather not see any PR Samples featured or could you care less as long as it is highlighted before you get reading a big long post?

So that’s it, that is some amount of questions for you to answer! I appreciate if you did, as I want the blog to rock it for you all this year!

Until next time

Yvonne xx






2 thoughts on “What Do You Want To See on Putting It Out There Blog – 2017

  1. I’d love to get to know you better Yvonne! I’m happy reading reviews on PR products, because usually these are new to the market or companies looking to grow their product, and thats how you find new gems! Personally I think disclosing is good practice, just to keep it real with readers x

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