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Alchemist Earth – Natural Beauty

I recently spoke about how Alchemist Earth were doing a file and polish in aid of Irish Cancer Society for the Month of October on my social media channels (links below). So it was only fitting that I went to avail of the file and polish and donate as I could not tell you all to go in and do it and not do the same myself!

My beautiful nail file and polish using benecos from in aid of breast cancer awareness


So off I went on a Saturday evening for my pamper session and while I was there I thought I would ask Michaela the owner of Alchemist Earth about the importance of using products with natural ingredients. I was very surprised with all the information Michaela supplied me with and I can safely say she has made me think a lot more about what I use on my skin going forward!

Michaela explained that our skin acts like a sponge and that if we apply harmful toxins to our skin, then they enter our blood stream, and much quicker than any other method. So you may be so careful about your diet, keeping your food as natural and organic as you can, yet all this good will be outweighed by the time you finish showering, cleansing, moisturizing and spraying!

To keep it concise, if you are using products that are not derived from natural/organic products then you are not guaranteed of using chemical free products. There are so many studies out there about Parabens (stabilizer used in makeup), formaldehyde and petroleum, all chemicals that are contained in many beauty/cosmetic products and their links to cancer or ill-health. So it’s time you pop into the trained beauty therapist in Alchemist Earth to help you find alternative products.

I am going to start increasing my use of natural beauty products after visiting Alchemist Earth. After my file and polish which was fabulous, I purchased the Antipodes mini facial oil and moisturizer once my skin was tested to see what skin type I was. I love that there is such a wide selection in the store, it means that I am not being sold just one brand; I am being sold products for my skin type.


Antipodes Facial oil and moisturiser mini set from


If you do nothing else before Christmas, then please pop into Alchemist Earth for a chat and browse, you will be delighted that you did. They are trained beauty therapist and they all have a passion for natural products and can guide you in the right direction. You can also browse their range on their website .It will ultimately benefit you and the environment!

You can avail of beauty treatments using all natural products such as waxing, facials, massages, tanning and makeup application. Natural does not mean you can’t still pamper and preen to your heart’s desire! It just means you are doing it in a more natural way and for the same price as anywhere else.

They do a monthly beauty box for €19.50 (with different subscription options) so perfect for a Christmas present or an option to try different products for yourself. Below is an example of the October Beauty Box (Picture credit to beauty box for only €19.50 (price includes delivery)


For any further information you can either call into Alchemist Earth at 10 Sarsfield Street, ring 061 404218 or mail

I would also like to add that my polish lasted over a week before it chipped!! Now that is good going.

*Please note donation (cost of the file and paint) was made and the set purchased by Me!

Yvonne xxx



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