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Well what can I say…… if you love all things beauty and skin related then you have to attend this master class. If beauty is not really your thing, you should still attend, just to see someone with such a love of beauty, drive and kindness to rival most others. Marissa without a doubt makes this day, from the get go she was just so relaxed and warm which drew you in to what she was saying. I can see why she is such a successful business woman. Her ability to influence and inspire confidence in what she says and does is second to none. I left that day, ready to buy everything she mentioned….the trust in her expertise was that high and her intentions good (no sponsorship to endorse products).  I also loved that one of the first things she said was that “beauty comes from kindness and confidence” and I could not agree more. Be kind to others and be as confident as you can be in your own skin and ability, that is what makes a person truly beautiful!

The Day Begins

On this occasion I did not have to attend on my own, I attended with two other bloggers Aoibhinn of prettiesandpearlsblog  and Patricia of It was nice to have the company for a change!



So we arrive into the main function room of Bunratty Castle Hotel and we are handed a lovely glass of pink lemonade by the fabulous Cocoa Brown Team made up of Kate, Stephanie and Ashling. The room was decorated beautifully with loads of Marissa’s signature colour pink and the highlight, was the amazing stage backdrop of flowers which was created by Miss Daisy Florist especially for the day.


Once we got to our table, we sit down to a beautiful handmade glitter glass courtesy of Blingleys (Hayley Doran) and a pair of sunglasses from Catwalk. As we settled into our seats, out came the cutest scones ever for us to nibble on before the masterclass kicked off.



So first up Marissa went through a makeup look on her sister Coleen and while doing this told us a story about an April fool’s joke her sister played on her….I and the banter between them continued throughout. In my opinion there is nothing better than a bit of  family banter! The most well-known products and the ones that Marissa herself uses and loves include the following: Primer: No. 7 Instant Illusion Concealer, Rimmel’s Match Perfection, Bourjois City Radiance foundation, Cocoa Brown Golden Goddess Oil. The other products may not be so well known so I have included them below:

All of the above are available on

The above 2 are available on

I have received the Code Mascara courtesy of Meaghers pharmacy and can confirm that it is unreal, I have never used mascara like it, not a smudge in sight, even at the end of the day and my lashes looked amazing! I have not tried any of the Instant Effects or Amazing Cosmetics products before…I will now though.

The main tips I took from Marissa was that you can mix your Cocoa Brown Tan in with your foundation if you need to darken it to match the rest of your tanned torso. It is safe to use it on your face as it is paraben free and will not block your pores. Also you can use two different types of concealers for under your makeup and over it. During her demonstration on Coleen she used a peach tone YSL concealer to combat black under the eyes and then the amazing cosmetic concealer over the makeup as it has much more coverage.





Once this section finished, out came the lovely Afternoon Tea courtesy and it was divine; I will be going back again it was that gorgeous. In particular the black pudding and caramelized red onion was delicious.

Then we were treated to an eye makeup demonstration from Michelle Fox at Inglot and the biggest take away for me was to try a lip brush for eyeliner. I would give anything a go to try and get a good flick! Now I have to say I have never graced the door of Inglot before….I know I must be the only person on the planet but I have read a lot about their products, watched a lot of tutorials and after today I will definitely go in and pay them a visit. Duraline was also mentioned, I have heard about it often and now I think it is time to purchase, it does everything from making your eye pigment last, loosen gel liners and you can even mix it with eye shadow to create your own lip colour!


Marissa's skin analysis
Marissa’s skin analysis

Laserderm were up next going through the Cocoa Brown Teams skin analysis which was taken the night before and showed any sun damage, dehydration and broken capillaries. 3 Ladies who felt that they had protected themselves from the sun were asked to take off their makeup and have the skin analysed as well (they received a fab Cocoa Brown Personalized robe for their troubles). This still showed some sun damage so it goes to show that we need to make sure we have SPF on at all times!

All things skincare was discussed during this segment. The key points were double cleanse, use a glycolic cleanser (Nip + Fab – checkout my review here), use vitamin A & C cream/serum to protect and repair. Another tip was not to use the glycolic and vitamin A on a daily basis as it would be too hard on the skin…everything in moderation.

Danielle Mahon was last up and had the daunting task of demonstrating her make up look on Marissa herself. I have seen Danielle do Marissa makeup before on her snapchat (@cartermarissa) and she is just amazing. The best tip I picked up was that you only need to user primer on your t-zone and the middle of your forehead…makes sense when I think about it now!

Final Thoughts..

Overall the day was amazing and great fun. There was loads of spot prizes and audience interaction and the food was gorgeous! It was great to see a Masterclass in Co. Clare, as we would not get many down this neck of the woods. It was a bonus to only travel 5 minutes out the road.

I personally attended the event because I admire all that Marissa has achieved and continues to achieve while balancing her family life. I find her an inspiration and someone who all Irish women should be proud of and I wanted to see her in action. It also was another opportunity  to continue my own personal journey to reach social comfortableness (well as much as I can get to lol) and gives me the chance to hone my writing skills and basically I love anything beauty. I came away inspired and with renewed vigor to carry on in my journey.

Yvonne xx

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Yvonne xx





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  1. Great Read! Would love to be able to attend a class, hopefully she’ll be back again 🙂 Meaghers may be hit in the coming days! x

  2. This was meant to be unreal, both my sisters went and loved it. Such nice little bits. Great prize, your blog is brilliant really enjoy reading it.

  3. That was a great account of the day, wasn’t sure if it was worth the 100 euro but from what you have described it so is You should do your own review on each product marissa used, would love to read it ❤️

  4. Very good blog post based on your masterclass experience. Would love to get to one in the future….all you ladies & bloggers are inspirational in what you so. x

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  6. Really enjoyed this blog post. Am on the lookout for some better skincare products and have heard the nip and fab is a brilliant range so that cleanser is on my list now. I love cocoa brown its my favorite tan at the moment. Thanks for the chance to win this amazing goodie bag! X

  7. A very well written blog post Absolutely love Marissa so thank you so much for passing on all those fab tips from the day I am defo lusting after all those products right now

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    A very well written blog post. Absolutely love Marissa so thank you so much for passing on all those fab tips from the day 😉 I am defo lusting after all those products right now! Xxx

  9. I always look forward to reading your blog being socially awkward myself you are an inspiration to keep going xx

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