Cailyn Face Modeling Contour Palette – Review, Swatches and Application

Cailyn Face Modeling Contour Palette feature picture

I recently received the Cailyn Face Modeling Contour Palette to try out (PR Sample). My first impression was that I have never seen a contour palette that contained a primer and a finishing power so I was excited to jump in and get using it!

The palette comes in both a cream and powder version, I have the powder and this I what I will review today. As always, regardless of where the product comes from i.e. I buy it or I am sent it, the review is always honest and to the point!

Cailyn Face Modeling Contour Palette – Packaging


The palette itself is a very sturdy black case which has a clip mechanism. There is no fear of this opening up in your makeup bag! It is not overly wide but is quite long so not exactly made for carrying it out and about with you. There is a large mirror under the top lid, perfect if you like to use the mirrors that come with your palette.

In the palette, you have a primer, 3 highlighting powders, 3 bronzer shades and a finishing powder. The pans of the highlighters and Bronzers are a good size as are the Primer and the finishing powder.


Cailyn Face Modeling Contour Palette – Swatches



Cailyn Face Modeling Contour Palette Close Up



I have not swatched the primer or the finishing powder as they are too hard to see, especially as the primer is just clear. The first row below are the highlighter shades starting from left to right. The first shade is a yellow tone highlighter, perfect for combating redness and is the one I have used the most from the palette. The next shade is more of a flesh tone colour and the third shade is the same; it’s just a small bit darker.



Cailyn Face Modeling Contour Palette Highlighter Swatches



Next up are the bronzer powders, again starting from left to right. The first shade is more suited to those that have a cooler undertone as it has more of a grey tinge to it. The second shade is the one I found worked best for me and seems to be quite a neutral colour. The third shade is definitely more suited for those with warm undertones as there is more of a red tinge to it.


Cailyn Face Modeling Contour Palette Bronzers Swatches

Cailyn Face Modeling Contour Palette – Review


Cailyn Face Modeling Contour Palette

Overall I really enjoyed using this palette. It retails at €45 so is more on the pricey side for a contour palette then the others on the market. What I will say about this palette is that it is long lasting and you have the additions of the primer and the finishing powder. I have to say I loved the finishing powder as I would have a lot of redness and I felt that this helped to reduce the likelihood of the redness peeping through as the day goes on. The finishing powder is green toned and that is why it will help eliminate the redness.

If you are a budding makeup artist and wish to practice on other people, then I would highly recommend the product. It has shades to suit all undertones so makes the perfect palette to bring with you instead of a mountain of bronzers and highlight powders.

I am not sure if I would repurchase myself once it is finished due to the price point and the limitations to the shades that are suitable to my tone. That said I love how it looks, feels and last so I may change my mind once its gone!!

Cailyn Face Modeling Contour Palette – Application


Below I have added two different pictures. The first is a day look, so I used a light hand when applying. It warmed up my face nicely without looking too harsh. The second look is just before a night out. I used it to really chisel out my cheekbones and along my very big forehead!



This is my favourite element of the palette. Not all bronzer work when you try to build up the colour, they tend to get a bit muddy. I hope you agree that it looks pretty good lol.


So that’s a wrap on the Cailyn  Face Modeling Contour Palette. I would give it 4/5 overall and that it just down to contour palette in general.  Not all shades are going to suit you, which means if it’s for your own personal use you wont get to use all of it.

Until next time

Yvonne xx

18 thoughts on “Cailyn Face Modeling Contour Palette – Review, Swatches and Application

  1. Great review! I haven’t had the time much to spend time on make-up but I love this toned down pallet. It’s an inspiration to get back at it, thank you!

  2. Cool review of it. I always wanted to get a contour pallette but never ended up with one. I bought a contour stick but not too happy with it. Maybe I will reconsider the pallette

  3. This sounds like a great contour palette and seems like its on par with other popular palettes out there (NYX, Anastasia, etc). If I can find a retailer in the states that carries this, I’ll definitely be giving it a go!

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