Carli Bybel Palette (BH Cosmetics) Review, Swatches and Eye Look

Carli Bybel Palette feature shot

The Carli Bybel Palette from BH Cosmetics was one of the surprise hits for me last year. I can’t believe I had not wrote a review for it yet but when you buy as much as I do; It’s hard to keep up lol.

As with all my palette reviews I will do an overview of the palette, then the swatches and an eye look. I hope to add a You Tube element as well going forward. I just have to get a backdrop, practice and I will be all set. So until then; the written word and pictures will have to do!

Carli Bybel Palette – Review



The palette itself is white cardboard but has that wipe down material (I have such a bug bear for dirty palettes) on it. It has a magnetic lock and relatively good sized mirror. Inside you have 10 eyeshadow’s and 4 large size highlighters. The eyeshadow’s are a mix of matte and shimmer shades and are earthy and warm. The four highlighters run from a light pink to a very deep bronzy gold colour.

Overall, I was so impressed with this palette. The pigmentation is amazing and it lasted all day with no creasing (with a primer used). It is more of a palette for day use, yet you can smoke it out for night time too with the darker shades in the palette. The highlighters are cover all skin tones and the ones that you can’t pull off as a highlight you can use as an eyeshadow. There is kickback from the shadows and highlighters but not of epic proportion so I don’t really mind. I do have to clean around the wells but that is because I am anal about these type of things. If my palette comes in a box; I keep it in it lol.




I have to say it’s always easier to review palettes with shadow names as its less confusing. The Carli Bybel palette does not help here, so bare with me. All swatches are done with my finger and lightly pressed on to my skin for a more realistic swatch.

The top row is the row I use the most as it contains creamy shade that I set my primer with and some lovely brown earthy shades; my favourite being the reddish brown at the end. The end shade looked patchy when I swatched it on my arm but it went on really smoothly on my eye and blended easily; as with all the eyeshadow’s.


Carli Bybel Palette Top row close up Carli Bybel Palette Top row swatches


The middle row contains mostly shimmer shades running for a nude pink to a golden bronze. The mossy green on the end is a matte with a subtle sheen. Again the pigmentation was so good especially for the price point.


Carli Bybel Palette middle row close up Carli Bybel Palette middle row swatches


On the bottom row you have the four highlighters. I tend to use the first 2 as they are the most suitable for my skin tone. The other two I use as shadows. These highlights are perfect for a more muted glow, which is my preference. However if you like your highlight blinging, just wet your brush and this will ensure your seen from the sky!


Carli Bybel Palette bottom row highlighters close up Carli Bybel Palette bottom row highlighter swatches

Eye Look


Carli Bybel Palette eye look full face


I wore this pretty day time look recently on a lunch date with the girls. It is a more subtle look, which to be fair is my go too. I have used it for a more night time look also using the darker shades in the palette.

On the look below I used the cream shadow to set my primer. The only downfall of this palette if you are pale like me; there is no transition shade. I used the latte shade from the Makeup Revolution Fortune Favours the Brave Palette (Review HERE) as my transition. Then I used a mix of the 3rd and 4th shades from the top row to darken my crease. Next, I lightly applied the reddish brown over my lid. All of these shades I also brought down under bottom lash line. I then used the first pink nude highlighter on the inner corner and bringing it up onto the lash line.

As this was a soft look I did not use a dark liner; opting for a nude liner instead.


Carli Bybel Palette eye look close up


A Quick Sum Up


I would give the Carli Bybel palette a 4 out of 5. I mean for the price I paid, which was $12 (normally $20) direct from BH Cosmetics I can’t really fault it. The shades are pigmented, bendable and has something for everyone. The only downside is the lack of a transition shade and a bit of fallout.

You can also get the palette on Beauty Bay for €22.20, However, it is out of stock at the moment. You can now get the new and bigger version HERE for €25.

Have you got the palette and do you agree?

Until next time!

Yvonne xx

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