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Putting It Out There Blog 1st Birthday – What a year it has been!

Yup Putting it Out There Blog is now a year old and what a year it has been! There have been highs and lows, yet I can say I don’t regret one single bit of it.[…]

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What Do You Want To See on Putting It Out There Blog – 2017

I feel like most bloggers have either wrote posts about their achievements in 2016 or their goals for 2017. Now I have both of these mapped out for myself as I would imagine you the[…]

How to create a chignon bu in 3 easy steps and which will only take 5 minutes

How to Create a Chignon Bun in 3 Easy Steps

How to Create a Chignon Bun in Minutes Courtesy of Niall Colgan Hairdressing   If you are like me you are always looking for easy ways to style your hair, whether it is for that[…]

Murder Mystery Dinner, A Night to Remember

I recently attended a Murder Mystery Dinner in the Oakwood Arms Hotel Shannon. The food and drink were supplied by the hotel and the event itself was run by HIYA Entertainment. It was by far the[…]

top 10 tips on how to deal with children and the sun

10 Tips – Kids in Summer

This is my fourth summer with Devin and I think I have finally cracked what items I need to get him and me through the Irish summer sun safe, healthy, and clothed each day! I […]

Kyle Jenner fashion taken to the extreme poor example to our daughters or not

Fashion taken to the Extreme at the Met Gala Ball – Kyle Jenner

Fashion taken to the Extreme at the Met Gala Ball – Kyle Jenner The Impact that it May Have on Impressionable Teens   Just like every other fashion lover last night and today, I had my[…]


Launch of the Eyre Cocktail Bar by Suzanne Jackson

I was so excited to be able to attend the opening of the Eyre Cocktail bar at the The Skeff as Suzanne Jackson of So Sue Me Blog was going to be in attendance to[…]

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Positive Attitude – The Only Way to Succeed

The Ultimate Challenge – Maintaining a Positive Attitude     The title seems to be a bit redundant, in that it makes perfect sense. Obviously you need a positive attitude to help you succeed in[…]