Challenge 1 – Its time…..OMG

So it has been a mental week, no doubt about it but it has also been soooo exciting! I have often gone to markets and always admired the people who work their stalls and how confident they have to be to sell their wares. I struggle at times to work up the courage to approach the stand, more so if I am the only one present…..I could not imagine ever actually being the person selling.

Like what way should you stand, what do you say, do you smile, start talking or just do nothing and let your items do the talking? You see I think way too much. Now I used to work in retail a long time ago but to me this is completely different. I used to work for someone, I was  not reliant on myself to generate sales so that I could support myself. God that pressure must be immense!

Anyway I have got a bit sidetracked, I just wanted to put a bit of context before revealing the first challenge I have set myself…I assume at this point you have guessed. Yes on Sunday I am going to be selling my preloved clothing and shoes……deep breathes, in and out.

I love shopping and I have sold clothes through Facebook before and I love the buzz I get when the sale is complete and knowing that someone else is going to enjoy the item, so I am really excited to do this but I am also very scared.

I have spent the night ironing some lovely items that I have kept simply because it would be a sin to dump them, as some have been worn once and in some cases not all. My back is broke, my husband thinks I have lost the plot and I am still up writing this at an ungodly hour. That said I don’t care because I am finally doing something, I am not talking about doing it I am doing it.

I will fill you in tomorrow on all the pieces but follow the attached link to check out the fab Swap, Shop & Vintage-Retro Revival Rail Sale

A special thank you to the lovely and very patient organizer Lesley-Anne Liddane, check out her page here

Good night

Yvonne xx



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