Challenge 2 – Beginners Sewing Course

Hi All

I am running quickly into Challenge 2 a beginners sewing course, god help the tutor Michelle she will need the patience of a saint!

Now my mother is the most creative person I know and is brilliant with anything to do with her hands, painting, crafts, knitting, sewing, you name it, she can do it and she does it brilliantly. So with 5 children and this creativity and skillman ship always on show you would think she have passed it on to 1 of us but nada not a one of us produced the goods 😉

As always she has set me up with all the tools and support I need to get started tomorrow. I am telling you what would we do with our Mammy’s……even when we are in our 30’s and Mammy’s ourselves, they are also such a constant support.

I am hoping that I can deliver on this challenge but I am expecting my attempt to look something like this teehee

bad sewing

If I am any good or not I am delighted I have signed up to do the 10 week class. Again I am nervous of going into a situation that I am not in control of but I am realizing it really is not as bad as I thought. I also have come to the conclusion that I can do this things on my own without dragging someone with me!

Starting the blog and sharing it, especially with people I know was the hardest step but I am so glad I did it. I keep getting this feeling of warmth (not sure this is the best analogy but its the best I have got) when I think about the blog and the challenges that I will continue to do.

I will update you all after my first class is complete…..if my fingers are all still in working order!!

Yvonne xx

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