Challenge 2 – Week 2 Beginners Sewing Class


Hi All

So just a quick update on challenge 2 – beginners sewing course. I have to say I am really enjoying the course even though my hands are doing something completely different to what my brain is telling them to do J

I can now fill my bobbin, thread the needle and sew a very crooked line! I suppose I am a least one step closer to being a sewing expert.

On a serious note, taking that two hours during the week to do something for me, even if I am going to be rubbish at it, is such a treat and so good for the soul! Now that I am doing the course I am sitting here wondering what stopped me doing these ages ago.

Now I have a 2 year old, so for the last two years so I was unable to commit to anything but before that the niggling doubts and worry were the inhibitors. Well at least I can say no longer, I will never let my anxiety get in the way again….such a waste, sure we only live once and I want to make the best of it 🙂

I also just wanted to note that Michelle from Material Girl is one seriously talented lady. We got a visit of her workspace and some of the pieces were just amazing and surprisingly different to what I expected to be in there. Obviously she is skilled at sewing and design (clothes always just pop into my mind) but I was so surprised to see such beautiful fascinators and a very special wedding bouquet which was just gorgeous. I am raging I did not take any pictures but I am sure if I ask nicely the next week she might just let me so that you all can see.

I going to sign off with the mantra – “The manual is your bible” swimming around in my head. So for any wannabe sewing experts get reading that manual!


Yvonne xx

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