Challenge 4 -Awkwardly Completed!!

Table Quiz Team

Hi All

I know there is a delay in completing this post but I was just not sure how I felt about this challenge…so I wanted to mull it over before I posted. I want to be honest when doing my blog, however I do not want to feel embarrassed when I meet people on the street. I also knew this challenge was more about me attending a night out without my usual social group and to detail my feelings on this is very personal thing to do. That said it is the reason I am doing the blog and challenges so here it goes.

To be fair I was dreading this challenge more than any other just for that reason. When you live in a small town friendship are forged early and I can honestly say mixing outside of your group generally comes about as a result of working together, a shared interest, new family connection and not by a random person who blogs about their inadequacy in social situations joining your quiz team ha-ha. If anything it is more than likely going to result in them running for the hills.

It also didn’t help that my outfit was not easily identifiably and that  my husband said I looked like I always do on a night out!! Like I was wearing leather pants with knee-high boots, my underwear over my top and had hair matted to my head with pale makeup. Jesus if I normally go out like this I really need some styling help, I know men are not very observant but seriously!!

fancy dress

With all of the above going through my head, I drove down and when I arrived I just wanted to start the car again, go home and make my excuses….any excuse except face the thoughts of arriving somewhere on my own, looking like a biker chick without the safety blanket of my friends and family. For the first time I really doubted that I could go through with this challenge, why would anyone do this, especially someone who at the best of times feels awkward with people I don’t know really well.

If you have liked my Facebook page you will know that I did actually go and my god am I proud of myself for doing it! I arrived at the venue, feeling like a right plonker to be honest! I looked and felt ridiculous however I rose above the feeling of dread and went in. The organizers Sarah and Sinead (along with their team of support) were welcoming as I knew they would be and I had told them in advance that I was coming on my own (thank god). However, they were there to do a job, so I could not expect them to look after me!


(don’t they look fab!)

Still that feeling of being the odd one out prevailed, a feeling we all get when we join a group that all each other…I hope its just not me anyway or my issues go way further that I original thought 🙂 until the lovely Kitty (Sarah’s Mum) told me to sit down and started chatting away. I am telling you what a lady, so warm and welcoming like she knew me forever! I was only delighted to hear that I was going to join Kitty’s and Patsy team which were ultimately called the Sugar Grannies, just gives you a taster of how the night was to go 🙂

I have to say I had some laugh with these two ladies and I want to thank them so  much for allowing me to be a part of their team!

Table Quiz Team

The quiz allowed that shared interest between us, so it did not matter that they did not know me…we all ready had something in common, we wanted to make sure we did not come last haha.Once the quiz was over I knew it was time for me to come home, I was tired, I had run out of things to say, the bar had run out of Corona and I am just not able anymore! (I got a taxi home just in case you were wondering)

As it was a fundraiser event I wanted to let you know the ladies raised a total amount of €680 for their volunteering trip to Vietnam. I believe there is even a better and bigger event planned for April, so make sure you keep your eyes peeled to their Facebook page: I will offer a hint think LL Cool J and Chrissy Teigan 😉

So with this challenge complete I am a small bit drained so I think I will just focus on reviews and features for the next while. I think 4 challenges are not bad considering I only started the blog near the end of Jan! Also I do not want the blog or the challenges to start feeling like a chore, this year was meant to tackle my social anxiety, do something new, build a bit of a creative gene and most importantly have some fun.

Thanks as always for reading xx


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