Challenge List – Putting it out there!


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Hi All

So I thought it was about time I shared my list of challenges to complete this year. I purposely did not share them yet, mainly down to the fact if I shared them, then I would have to complete!! I was not sure when starting the blog if I would be able to fully commit to “putting it out there” but I have received such wonderful support from my friends and family and no one is laughing at me or looking at me like I have 40 heads (well not to my face anyway ha-ha).

It’s amazing to me how quickly I am starting to let the anxiety levels drop since starting the blog… is doing wonders for my mental health – that said I am not sure it is doing much for my relaxing time.

I have started to accept that I am not perfect, that no one is, that I need to face issues head on and just get on with my life……the way I want regardless of what others say or think about it!


Putting it out there


So on to the list as it stands now, it may grow but I wanted to make sure I did not take on too much and not complete them all. Most will not follow in this order as they are reliant on others, available time, opportunity and the old favourite funds!  I know some may sound frivolous but they will make sense when I complete the challenge and the post (hopefully).


  1. Start the blog 
  2. Take part in a market 
  3. Sewing Course
  4. Get hair extensions
  5. Attend a charity event
  6. Do reviews on my interests (beauty, fashion and music)
  7. Get involved with a community project
  8. Dress in fancy dress and go outside
  9. Learn an instrument
  10. Do a beauty course
  11. Design and create something and show it to people
  12. Set up a fundraising event


I hope that I can complete them all and enjoy myself while I am doing it – If not it won’t be down to my lack of commitment! I have ideas on what to do or who to contact for a lot of the challenges but for some I will need a bit of help or direction.

If you have any suggestions on who or where to contact for challenge 4, 6,7, 9, 10 and 12 do let me know and by all means share the post so that others may suggest.

So that’s it, I have official put it out there and I am still alive…..even if my little old heart is fluttering as I do it. However as the old saying goes…”what doesn’t kill you, can only make you stronger”!

So on that note, I say goodbye 🙂

Yvonne xx


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6 thoughts on “Challenge List – Putting it out there!

  1. Joan Wallace does the hair extensions she did Leslie Anne’s, r if u just want the clip in ones ( I use them all the time) lily fashion on Wickham street do them for €20 and she can match it up to ur colour and they are so easy to put in, Debenhams in limerick do make up courses they are about €100 I think, Limerick senior college do upcycling courses or interior design courses I did the interior design one and used my bedroom as my project, they also do jewellery courses too

  2. Well done on all of that….some of those I would love to do myself

    For 6 you have done that a little in your last post with the review of the sale rail, perhaps you could expand on that at the next event….ie pick a product/stall etc that interests you and do a review.

    For 9 pick a charity close to your heart eg LAW (for your doggies) (you’ll be more passionate about it) and just contact them saying you would like to do some fundraising on their behalf and ask if they have fundraising packs. Depending on what ur into loads of ways to raise funds eg table quiz, coffee morning, womens mini marathon, hell and back (if you fit and brave )

    1. Thanks Pauline, love the idea about LAW!! With the reviews you have hit the nail on the head, I plan to do another piece on the vintage rail sale this month, along with other bits and pieces 🙂

      You should definitely do even one thing it’s very liberating! Difficult to get the time though I know 🙂

  3. Hi Yvonne
    I need some one to run a charity event or events for me. I am climbing another mountain in August and I want to do it for Clare crusaders. They get no government funding and do so much work for families in Clare and in our own town of Shannon. If you want a real challenge this could be it. Let me know what you think.

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