Challenge No.3 -Reviews and Features


Hi All


Before I get into describing challenge no. 3, I just want to say a huge thanks to everyone who is supporting me and the blog, it’s really appreciated xx I have received great feedback on my list of challenges along with some private messages of support. I hope you all continue to read and enjoy the blog!


Thank you


So on to challenge 3 – to complete reviews/features on stuff that interests me. This just feels like a natural progression now that I have completed the review on the Vintage/Retro rail sale! I enjoyed writing that piece so much and if it helps even one person – either shopper or trader, will then what a great result!

I think it is important to give a bit of background on why I want to do reviews and features pieces as part of my challenge list….so here it goes!

I have thought about setting up a blog and doing reviews or features on a variety of subjects that interest me or that I am particularly passionate about for a long time but I did not do it, down to that crippling fear of judgment from others!

The main concern I had about this challenge was the relevance of my opinion to others? Will anyone want to know or care what I have to say on clothing, an item of make-up or a review on business or whatever the review is based on? Would they think I was silly and vain for even thinking anyone would be interested?  Yet funnily enough, I would be the first person who would say to someone else “who cares what people think” but yet deep down I worry all the time about exactly that. Yes, yes I know I am a hypocrite but in the nicest, most supportive way possible 😉

I know it may sound silly and I know everyone will experience moments like this but for some, like me it is too hard to get passed it, so we talk ourselves out of it. By starting this blog I have freed myself of this at last, however, I still worry before each posting or challenge but the anxious feeling is not as compressing as it once was. It also helps that I have received such kind words from others and as someone said to me today “as humans we are inherently kind and supportive” which I completely agree with but sometimes forget.

So with all of that said, I have decided to go ahead with my reviews and feature pieces and hopefully you will enjoy them – at least you will know what it will be an honest, clear and unbiased opinion and that cannot be a bad thing and it’s only my perspective…right?


Yvonne xx


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