Challenge Update – Attend a Charity Function

Challenge Update

Hi All

To give an update on the challenges, I am working quietly in the background to organise myself and making contacts to help me reach the challenges I have set. I am delighted to say things are moving in the right direction on the following challenge:

– To attend a charity function

I saw an event on Facebook for the Sparkle and Shine Easter ball in aid of the Mid-Western Cancer Foundation, the Symptomatic Breast Unit at University Hospital Limerick and Cliona’s Foundation which will take place in the Strand Hotel on March 26th at 7.00pm.

Sparkle and Shine Easter Ball

Straight away I felt that this was an event I would like to attend as Cancer particularly, has and is affecting my extended family. The Cliona Foundation is also such a worthy cause offering support to families with critically ill children and really deserves our support (I cannot even imagine what families go through if they are faced with this).

Initially when I started the blog, it was to complete and document my challenges but I am finding that I can do more than that through this platform. If highlighting this great and worthwhile event, results in even 1 other person buying a ticket, donating a prize or their own money – well even better! With that in mind I requested to meet the organisers so that I could complete a post for the blog prior to the event, to give my own personal take on the charities and what yours and my attendance would mean to them.

I am excited to say that I have been kindly allowed to attend the Press Launch of the Sparkle and Shine Spring Ball on Tuesday in the Strand hotel. I have no clue what to expect but there is no way I can let my insecurities prohibit my attendance in this instance. I think it is easier to let that go when it’s not for you but for someone else or if it is really important in general.

So I will update you all after the press launch but in the meantime if you wish to find out more about the event check out the details here:

Yvonne xx

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