Crystal Monthly Contact Lenses – Review

Crystal Monthly Contact Lenses Packaging and Delivery Details contact lens in the eye

I am going to share my Contact Lenses story with you before the review to give you a feel of the challenges that have become me! Also please note that the products were sent to me to review but all opinions are my own,

I am not going to lie, for as long, as I can remember I have had a running battle with contact lenses and believe me when I say I was always the loser!

When I first went down the road of contact lenses almost 15 years ago, the struggle was real from the get go! I remember sitting at a table, with a mirror in front of me and a set of daily disposable waiting expectantly for me to pop them in!  You may have guessed already that it was not that simple for me.

I could not get them in, I sat there for over 40 minutes fighting to get them blasted contacts into my eyes. I not even ashamed to say I actually cried by the end of it lol. It is funny thinking back on it now…but as always, stubborn mule does not cover it. I battled until I eventually got both contacts in and then removed them. Only then did the girl who was looking after me say “I don’t think we can let you go home today with these contact today…you really struggled with getting them in and out” Like, seriously was she for real like! Anyway I got my way and brought home my first set of daily disposables!

Things never got easier, I did master the art of getting them in and out eventually. What I then struggled with was the fact that they just never set in my eyes comfortably. They were either too dry or the wrong shape for my eye, it didn’t help that I was diagnosed with inconsistent blinking. Yes, it is an actual condition…supposedly but I cannot find any detail on it 😉 I have tried many different lenses on the market from budget friendly to the more expensive brands, from dailies to monthlies and on and on.

Ultimately this resulted in me never wearing them on a full time basis; they were only reserved specifically for nights out or important events. For me this is such a pity, I love wearing my glasses but with wearing contacts, you don’t have to worry about the rain running down your glasses, let’s not talk about moving from cold to hot air and the need to have window wipers fitted.

Crystal Monthly Contact Lenses Review


So on to the reason I am writing the post! I was sent Crystal monthly contact lenses from to try and I jumped at the chance. I am sure after reading this your thinking why! It was because of the price, I have never seen lenses at such good value and I thought to myself if these work out, then I will save myself a fortune….to spend on more beauty/makeup products!

Crystal Monthly Contact Lenses Packaging and Delivery Details

I received a 3 month supply of Crystal Monthly lenses and the Renu all in one starter pack for sensitive eyes which included a contact lens case and 1 bottle of all in one Renu solution. This came in at including delivery £18.90.

Initially I was not that hopeful but I was determined to give these a good go, I checked out other reviews and read that they were not suitable for dry eyes and it also states on their website so I thought I would need to purchase some contact friendly eye drops. I am delighted to say I did not!

They actually sit so nicely in my eyes, no more squinting and looking incredible strange when talking with others! I am still getting used to wearing them every day so I often take days off or I will wear my classes some of the day and the contacts the rest. That alone is a huge step up from previous attempts.

Packaging and Overview


It took a couple of days to arrive which I was pretty impressed with and they came well packaged. There was no damage to either the box or contents.

The Crystal Monthly Lenses are in my opinion very slim, I noticed no difference between using these and my standard daily contact lenses. It has a blue tint; I find this really handy so that I can see it on my finger. The more knowledgeable information is here (as taken from


With Crystal Monthly we bring you a lens that offers a multi back curve design for great stability and handling, a thin edge for all day comfort,  an easy to open packet, UVA & UVB protection, CE and ISO approved for maximum safety and an easy direct replacement for existing monthly lenses on the market. If you are currently wearing a monthly lens i.e. Focus Monthly Visitint, Acuvue two weekly, Surevue, Biomedics 55, Frequency 55, Soflens 59 , then Crystal monthly lenses would make a great low cost alternative.

Note: Crystal Monthly lenses are not normally recommended for dry eyes

Each box contains 6 soft contact lenses each with a light blue handling tint in a buffered sterile saline solution. Material: Oculfilcon D 45%, Water Content 55%”

I mean there is no point me putting that spiel in my own words 😉



The most important aspect is that my contact lenses are comfortable to wear for a decent period of time. I can safely say that I have achieved my needs with these contacts. As with all products, what suits me may not suit others. However, at these prices there is no harm in trying them out! Below you can see a up-close picture of my eye and you can’t even notice the lens in there!

Crystal Monthly Contact Lenses Packaging and Delivery Details contact lens in the eye

I could not find a better deal anywhere else on-line or in-store. I will definitely be repurchasing and maybe even venture on to some coloured lenses now 😉

If you are a contact lens wearer and are in the market for a more budget friendly option then you can find the lenses HERE and the all in one start set HERE. Don’t forget you have the option of Parcel Motel as a reduced shipping option.

I hope this will be of benefit to some of you and if it is, please let me know!

Update: I am still loving these contacts and I am just going to go and purchase a restock of the contacts and the solution. I haven’t ventured on to the coloured contact lenses yet as they are more expensive. I will when I am back working which will hopefully be soon!

Yvonne xx


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  1. An post now do something similar to parcel motel, I haven’t tried it myself but it would be interesting to see if it’s any good.

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