Fashion taken to the Extreme at the Met Gala Ball – Kyle Jenner

Kyle Jenner fashion taken to the extreme poor example to our daughters or not

Fashion taken to the Extreme at the Met Gala Ball – Kyle Jenner

The Impact that it May Have on Impressionable Teens


Just like every other fashion lover last night and today, I had my eyes peeled on all the Met Gala 2016 themed “Manus x Machina: Fashion in an Age of Technology”. The expectation was of course futuristic aesthetic themed dresses and suits and I along with everyone else were not left disappointed.

When I saw Kyle Jenner’s beautiful Balmain gown last night, I fell in love. She looked amazing and the gown itself was a beautiful beaded sliver with full sleeves, nude panels and a fringed skirt. For her first outing to the Met Gala, it most certainly was an unforgettable one.

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Kyle Jenner – Snapchat

However, I was dismayed this morning to check her Snapchat and see that her legs were cut from the dress along with purple swollen feet from her shoes. This in itself was not too worrying for me as it was her debut and it’s not like she was at home weeks prior to the Met Gala, walking around for hours to see if she would end up with cuts on her legs from her dress and purple feet from her shoes.

Kyle Jenner Snapchat


 What did upset me was her next snap which said “it was worth it though”

Kyle Jenner Snapchat


Now we have all made mistakes with our wardrobe, I myself only recently attended an event where I wore gorgeous sliver sandals but unfortunately I ended up with friction burns on the back of my legs just up from my ankles. 5 week later and they are still visible and I am 35! I scolded myself for not thinking to put plaster on the back of the ankle strap and thought I won’t make that mistake again. My legs were so sore for a least a week after and I had to make sure not to wear ankle boots….the regret was mammoth.

However, Kyle is an 18 year old and probably the most famous one worldwide, whose young fans watch her every move and this is what worries me. This message is not an ideal one to send out to impressionable Teenagers. So she did not regret that her lovely legs are all cut and that her poor feet are more than likely numb and aching just because she looked the part? How could you not regret that?

That said, can we really expect an 18 year old to think about the impact that her comments may have on susceptible Teenagers? Especially a teenager who has grown up in a home where this is more than likely the norm!

In this day and age Teenage girls are faced with issues that would have been somewhat prevalent when I was a Teenager but now it’s twofold. With Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat,Youtube and all other media constantly sending them messages that you need to look amazing, can only put a pressure on them to look and behave way above their years. Can common sense and parental guidance prevail?

Kyle Jenner’s Snapchat is only one example how social media supports the notion that Teenage Girls need to squeeze themselves into clothes that don’t fit and cut into their bodies; or wearing shoes that will in time destroy their feet, all in the name of fashion? As Mother’s we try to guide our children but how well can we compete with the overwhelming flow of worryingly information that is streamed over all social media channels?


Let me know your thoughts.


4 thoughts on “Fashion taken to the Extreme at the Met Gala Ball – Kyle Jenner

  1. As the mother of a teenage boy (god he’ll be 17 soon where have the years gone???!!!!) I worry alot about the changing world we live in and how little we really know about what is going on behind the scenes. But, I do think we have to have more faith in ourselves and know that if we teach them well, have a good open honest relationship with them and let them know we are there NO MATTER WHAT they will turn out just fine.

    I can see though how young, impressionable teenagers with limited parental guidance/in put can be led down the wrong track.

    Just realised my post has leaned more towards the affect social media has on the youth of day as opposed to fashion but i suppose it is still kind of relevant to what you are saying (I hope)

    1. Its sure this Pauline, it is all down to social media in my opinion. I mean we all do stupid things but I don’t send my poor messages across social media….I hope anyway lol. I hope that my guidance (keeping him under the thumb lol) is enough when Devin hits teenage years xx

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