Favourite Face Makeup Brushes

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Today I am talking about my favourite face makeup brushes. These brushes are the ones I reach for repeatedly, so I know they are a hit! I will go through what each brush is for and what I use it for. This is part 2 of my favourite makeup brushes; if you missed part 1 you can catch HERE.


My Favourite Face Makeup Brushes


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NIMA Flathead Kabuki Head Brush


Favourite Face Makeup Brushes NIMA Flathead Kabuki Brush


First up I must talk about my NIMA kabuki head brush. This is my ultimate brush for applying foundation. The main reason I love this brush over all my other foundation brushes, is because it is so dense. When I apply foundation, I like to dot it around my face and tap into my skin with this brush.

If I use a more flexible foundation brush, I need to pull the foundation around my skin. For me this highlights my pores, fine lines and can dislodge peeling skin. All in all, not a good look!

You can buy this brush individually for €18 from the NIMA site directly HERE or as part of a face starter set priced at €65 HERE

If you would like to read more about NIMA brushes (an Irish Brand for those who may not know) you will find other more detailed post’s HERE and HERE.

Blank Canvas F15 Small Tapered Brush


Favourite Face Makeup Brushes BlankCanvas F15 Tapered Brush


I picked this brush up on one of my many trips to beauty shows in the RDS and I personally love to use for my contour. It has a lovely tapered top which gives you the ability to shape out those cheekbones precisely and deliciously!

This brush is a multi-purpose brush and you can use it for highlight as well as blush. It is great if your tight with space and need to reduce your brush numbers.

If you like the sound of this brush you can get it for €14.99 HERE.


Spectrum Tapered Powder Brush


Favourite Face Makeup Brushes Spectrum Tapered Bruah Brush


I got this brush in my very first Birchbox when it launched in Ireland. Like the F15 brush above you can use it for a variety of purposes. I have only ever used it as a setting brush and over a year later it is still going so strong. These days I use it for under my eyes and around my nose area and smile lines as this is where creasing happens for me. I find with this brush I can use more powder in those areas that need and use the big powder brush for light application everywhere else.

This brush has been through its paces and it looks and performs the exact same as it did over a year ago. This is a sign of high quality brush. The brush comes in at €9.95 so easy on the pocket. If you would like to check it out, you will find it HERE.


Penney’s PS Pro Contour Brush


Favourite Face Makeup Brushes Penneys PS Pro Contour Brush


Yes, I even have a Penney’s brush listed as a favourite! This brush is recommended for contour or bronzing; however, I like to use this for applying blush. Like contouring, Blush should be applied to complement your face shape. On me sweeping the brush along my cheek bone and across my temple suits me more so then applying it to the apple of my cheeks.

This brush allows me to get a more precise application while diffusing the blush out. I use this brush on blushes that are heavily pigmented are more suited to my skin tone

You can pick this up in Penney’s for only €2.00


NIMA Harley Brush


Favourite Face Makeup Brushes NIMA Harley Brush


Another NIMA brush and this one is the most beautiful brush I own. It is beyond soft and fluffy and is the perfect tool for warming up the face with either bronzer or blush. I use it for both especially when I am looking for a much lighter application. You can use it for highlighter so again another great multi-purpose brush.

The brush is made of goat hair and I was not sure how it would hold up against constant cleaning. It is still as soft and fluffy whilst holding it shape after numerous washes!

The Harley brush is €22 on its own HERE or you can get it as part of a set for €55 HERE.


Powder Brush


Favourite Face Makeup Brushes Large Powder Brush


Unfortunately, I have no clue what make this brush is as I bought of eBay to use up a voucher. Since my purchase, I have since seen it on the likes of Aliexpress and Wish. I think I may have been conned on eBay in terms of price but I love this brush so much I will get over it!

I use this to set my whole face. It is perfect for giving the face a very light coating of powder. Essential for those who may have a few fine lines or perhaps are verging towards dryness.


So that wraps up my top favourite face makeup brushes! Do you agree? If not, I would love to know your favourites, I am always on the hunt for new brushes to try!

Until next time

Yvonne xx


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