Favourite Makeup Brushes – Eyeliner and Eyebrow Brushes

Favorite makeup brushes part 1 eyeliner and eyebrow brushes

I have a lot of Makeup Brushes but my ultimate go to brushes are the ones as seen in the feature picture.There is no loyalty when it comes to brands lol, I have my faves and they include NIMA Brush, Crown Brush, Real Techniques, Blank Canvas, Zoeva, Spectrum and even Penney’s!

I will run through each briefly and explain what I use it for and why I love it! So if you are in the market for new makeup brushes or are just looking to build your first set; hopefully this post will help the decision-making process a tad easier.

As I wrote this post I realised it was just too long so I have broken it into 3 parts. Otherwise, I would send you all to sleep 😉 To start us off, I will cover eyeliner and eyebrow brushes.


Favorite makeup brushes part 1 eyeliner and eyebrow brushes

Eye Liner/Eyebrow Makeup Brushes


  • Real Techniques Detailer Brush – This little brush is such a multi talented hero! I use it to clean up my brows, my lips, my eye shadow to apply highlight to my inner corner and brow bone.Whew I work this brush hard, so much so, the writing has come off it. I am going to purchase another 2 to have as a backup, I would be lost without it! Just copped that it comes as a set and not individually, my only bug bear with real techniques!

You can purchase HERE (only as part of a set)

  • Crown Stiff Brow Brush – I have tried many a brow brush and I always return to this brush. I picked it up randomly at my first beauty show and it has held up incredibly well. It has that perfect amount of stiffness that I love when using eyebrow powder or pomade. Another little star right there.

You can purchase HERE

  • NIMA Angled Eyeliner Brush – What makes this brush for me is the length of it. It is travel size and gives me the control I need when applying eyeliner into my inner corner. I always used to make a mess of eyeliner look the closer I got to the inner corner until I used this brush, The angle and length, gives me the ability to do a nice fine line and not the shockingly smudged thick line that was before!

You can purchase HERE (only as part of a set) The Yvonne brush looks similar and be got HERE

  • Real Techniques Fine Liner Brush – Is the perfect brush to create a very fine eyeliner look and is the bomb at helping me carve out my wing. Again the length of this brush and its fine but not too fine tip is what works for me. This baby always comes out when I could face the thoughts of adding a wing 😉

You can Purchase HERE (only as part of a set but the below accent brush comes with it)

  • Real Techniques Accent Brush – Like the detail brush this is another little beauty of a brush. It is even smaller than the detailer brush. I pull this out when I want a wing to be as sharp as a knife. Due its small size, I can get at the liner without fear of smudging the line.

You can Purchase HERE (only as part of a set but the above fine liner brush comes with it)


So that is a wrap on part 1 of my favorite makeup brushes. At nearly 600 words and only a third of the way through, can you imagine what the word count will be in total!

I hope you found the above post beneficial. Are any of these brushes on your list? Let me know below or on my social media platforms, i would love to hear your thoughts.

If you would like to see what my favorite face makeup brushes are make sure to check back in next week.

Until then!

Yvonne xxx

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