First Challenge Complete

Hi All

Well I did it!! I traded at the Swap,Shop and Retro vintage sale today at Castletroy Park Hotel with Ab Fab Les

A quick update to say it was a success, I did it and I did it all by myself 🙂 ok ok I had a bit of help but mostly it was me. I pushed past that feeling I got as soon as I woke this morning. You know the one were you go….god what did I get myself into, why the hell would you sign up for something you do not feel comfortable with and so on. This inevitably leads to high stress levels and general panic but as I had so much to do and I could not back out (thank you blog) I did not really have time to dwell on it.

I have to say, once I was there I was fine. Everyone was busy setting up, so I was not faced with big introductions initially which gave me time to settle myself and chit chat with a couple of the traders on a one to one basis…I am good at one to ones most of the time (I think, feel free to say otherwise).

I was way too early for set-up but I think that worked well for me for my first time. So with set-up complete, I had time to go and get a coffee and relax before kick off!!


To be fair it really was much better than I expected, the nerves wore off after about 15 minutes and I sat behind my table, smiled and waited for someone to come and look through my items. I am delighted to say I sold a good few items and I hope their new owners get as much joy out of them as I did.

Unfortunately, I forgot to take more pictures. Even the pictures of my items on the catwalk, but, Lisa Collins Photography was at hand so as soon as I get some pictures I will put up a new post. In the next post I will go into more detail about the day itself and the traders involved, I found out about some wonderful hidden gems which I am dying to share.

Stay tuned

Yvonne xx






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