Makeup Revolution Fortune Favours the Brave – Review, Swatches and Eye Look

Makeup Revolution Fortune Favours the Brave Review, Swatches and Eye Look

 I bought the Fortune Favours the Brave palette a few months ago and I absolutely love it! It has a great mixture of matt, shimmer, satin and baked marbled shades with some of the most beautiful copper/bronze tones I have ever used. Like all Makeup Revolution palettes; I always think the shimmer shades are more pigmented than the matts; they are generally the highlight of Makeup Revolution Palette’s and Fortune Favours the Brave is no different.

Fortune Favours the Brave – Review




The packaging is gorgeous; a solid gold case which stands out against Makeup Revolution normally black casings. I would expect nothing less as the palette is a collaboration with the British Beauty Blogger (Jane) who has partnered with Makeup Revolution from the get go, so it makes sense that they worked together on creating the “Fortune Favours the Brave” palette.




There are 30 shades in total, a large mirror and a simple brush which sits in between the shades within the palette. The individual eye shadows are quite small but for the price of the palette I am certainly not going to give out!


The quality of the shadows is very good but some are less pigmented and would require a good bit of work. The swatches will highlight that Crème, Glimmer, Soft and Peachy are very light on the skin but they still have a use. I used Crème to set my eye shadow primer, Peachy as an overall base and Glimmer for my brow bone!




The darker shades are amazing, blend easily, pigmented and last all day (when using a primer). Blacqua is the ideal shade to create a smokey eye; while Transformer and Drama Queen are alternatives if you do not want to go for full on black.

The baked shades – Golden Coins, Lonely Planet, New World and Super gold are just divine and I love creating looks with them. They are really pigmented and look gorgeous on the eye and the transfer is minimal.




My favourite and most used shades are Buffer, Latte, Caffeine Fix, Drama Queen, Super Gold and Favour. The look I created with green shades below is also my go to day look at weekends.

Fortune Favours the Brave – Swatches

Below are swatches of all the shadows starting with the top row. Photos were taken in natural light, no filter was applied and no primer used prior to applying the swatches.










What I like most about this palette is that any age group could buy the Fortune Favours the Brave palette; be happy with the options available; use the majority of the shades within the palette. You can use it for a more dramatic look or for a more muted day look.


Fortune Favours the Brave – Eye Look


Below I created a look with shades Crème, Buffer, Latte Caffeine Fix, Smoothie, Green Machine, Glimmer and Ice Cloud. I used Crème all over my eye after using an eye shadow primer followed up with Buffer as my transition shade. Next I went in with Latte on the crease and Caffeine Fix on the outer corner, making sure everything was blended as I went. A light covering of Smoothie on my lid and placed Green Machine over it. If I was using Green Machine for a night out I would have used white eyeliner underneath to really make it pop. I used Glimmer under my brow bone and Ice Cloud on the inner corner of my eye. On the bottom, I used Latte and Green machine.

Photos were taken in natural light, no filter as used and eye shadow primer was used.









I have to say that this did not budge all day and was still perfect when I went to clean my face later that night.

Overall I am so happy with the Fortune Favours the Brave Palette. You can’t go wrong investing in this palette especially at such affordable price (£9.99). It was hard to get your hands on at first. I had to order directly from the Makeup Revolution site itself, however I have seen it in a few pharmacy’s since, so it is possible to get and I would highly advise you to get it, if you see it!!

I hope this review helped if you were wondering about purchasing the Fortune Favours the Brave palette! If you have purchased all ready I would love to hear your thoughts on it. If you buy the palette after reading this review I would love to know how you get on!

Yvonne xxx

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