How to get Christmas Party Ready On A Budget

Get Christmas Party Ready on a budget

As we head into the Christmas Party season, it’s time to up our preparation, makeup and hair game! Christmas time is the one time of the year that the nights out, override the nights in. So unless you have unlimited funds or friends that are beauticians, makeup artist or hairdresser you are going to have to do a lot of the work yourself. To help you prepare I have put together a plan of action!


Preparation, Preparation and Preparation


Prep is key and don’t worry you still have time to get started. Get your body, skin and hair party ready by increasing the time you put into your diet and skincare. Make sure you are drinking water, whatever way that suits you best, infused, hot or cold. This will help your skin shine from the inside out!

Start getting a good skin care regime going now. If you’re not sure what products, you should be using or what is suitable for your skin type then you should pop into your local skin expert. Once you know your skin type you can then set up your regime and stick to it religiously…. believe me you will see a difference if you take the time to carry out all the step’s and in this order: Cleanse, Toner, Any special treatments, Serum, Eye Cream and Moisturiser. If you are a budget, then use the products you have already have, just stick to the regime.




Christmas Party Ready with Cocoa Brown Exfoliator oil free mosituriser


If you are looking to achieve the golden goddess look for your Christmas Party, then you ought to make sure your skin is in prime condition and that you invest in a good exfoliator, oil free moisturiser and applicator. I personally use the Cocoa Brown Exfoliator, moisturiser and their Gradual Tanner. I am not looking for a dark Tan, just something to take the pale look of me and I feel that these products work best for me, it is also budget friendly. However, if a darker Tan is your goal, Cocoa Brown 1 hour Tan or the Instant Tan are the perfect budget friendly choices.

The main issue for Christmas Parties is the longevity factor, you want your Tan to look tip-top for a couple of weeks over the Christmas period and the key is to exfoliate and moisturise so that it wears off nicely and more importantly if you wish you to apply more, it will sit nicely and not streaky on the skin.




Invest in some styling tools! They will save your life if you have many parties to attend this Christmas. Some of essentials include, a back styling comb, good quality hairspray (Elnett), Kirby clips, GHD/Curling wand, Rollers, and some nice hair accessories.

If you plan to use a lot of heat on your hair, invest in a good heat protection spray and a Hair Treatment (Philip Kinglsey Elastizer) to keep your hair in good condition. If you’re looking for inspiration, Pinterest or YouTube is the place to look, you will be surprised how easy some looks are achieved! This YouTube clip shows 3 easy and quick hairstyle, just want you want after multiple nights out.


Eyelashes and Eyebrows


Eyebrows are what defines our face and lovely long and full eyelashes makes us feel pretty. These are two areas that you must not forget to attend to for Christmas. Get your eyebrows shaped and tinted Christmas week and these will last all over the Christmas period, it is one less thing to worry about when doing your face! If your confident enough, shape them your self and you can purchase tint in most retail places

If Eyelash extensions is something you are interested in trialing for Christmas party season; just ensure you go to a reputable trained person as our eyelashes are so delicate and need an expert hand. If you invest in these it will save you time regarding makeup but there is some maintenance required in keeping them looking good.

I know for a long time I was afraid to try False Lashes, yet once I tried to apply them I was pleasantly surprised how easy it actual is. You should fit them to your eyes and cut off any excess (on the outer corner only), Try and curve them as it makes them easier to apply, put on your glue and then place a mirror on a table, place your elbows on the table also, look down into the mirror and apply. This makes it easier for you to see what you’re doing. The easiest ones I have used to date are the KISS lashes and they can be bought in most pharmacies or you local Dunnes Stores. This set I got was perfect as it contained the applicator which I found really helped me to apply.


Christmas Party Ready with Kiss Lashes



If neither extension or falsies appeal to you, then invest in either a really good mascara. I would recommend Benefit They’re Real which you get at Debenhams or Code VLM which you can purchase at Meaghers. For a more budget friendly version, I really rate the Collection Does it All Mascara.


Christmas Party Ready with CODE VLM Mascara






Christmas Party Ready with Catrice Top Coat



In my opinion a beautiful nail just finishes off every look. If gel or shellac nails rocks your boat; then make sure you make an appointment Christmas week so that your nails are good to go. However, if you’re like me and prefer just a good old fashioned file and polish, invest in an amazing top coat. This makes the difference between polish that last a couple of days and nail polish that lasts a week. My two favourites are the Sally Hansen insta-dry and Catrice Gel top coat.

You can also purchase lovely little nail decoration sets in both Dealz and Penney’s for €1.50 if you wish to jazz them up a bit.




Last but by no means least, is the icing on the cake…your makeup. Key step here is to prep, prime and conceal your face before putting a drop of foundation on your skin. This will make a huge difference to how your makeup looks and lasts…believe me.

Once you have completed these steps, the next investment that is essential, is to purchase a suitable, good quality foundation. My foundation for those special nights is Shisedio Synchro Skin, I have mentioned this many times over the last 6 months and it is because I genuinely love it. My advice is to do your research, find out what is meant to suit your skin type and then find your local stockiest and ask them to provide you with a sample. Try it out a couple of times first, make sure your happy with the shade, the wear, and the impact on your skin. If you can’t purchase right now, try to nab a very large sample to get you through the Christmas Parties!

After the foundation, it is all about your personal taste, popping eyes or lips, highlight that can be seen in outer space or a very natural dewy glow. The main thing is that you use tried and tested products and that you feel amazing by the end.



So that is it guys, I hope this will be of some benefit to you. I am hoping that most of you already have these items so your shopping list should be to a minimum. If not start adding to your Santa List now before it’s too late!


Happy Christmas

Yvonne xx

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