Gossies 2017 – Was it Worth The Price Tag?

Gossies 2017 award ticket

Ah the Gossies 2017, what a night you were! In my last post, I told you all I was attending the Gossies yet never explained why. So I will start with my reasons for going. First off, I wanted a good night out and I was going to Dublin to attend the Anseo workshop (which unfortunately due to personal reasons, we were not able to attend) with Patricia from My Life the Event. Secondly, I thought the Gossies would be a great chance to network. To be very transparent; I write a Beauty Column and this blog and I am trying to get my name out there. It can be hard to continually write content, especially in the case of the column; without receiving press releases of new products (not the actual product), treatments and new brands. Thirdly, this was another chance to build on my confidence and social interaction.

Now that I have gone through the reasons why I wanted to attend; I want to highlight that this decision was made before the whole uproar over Rosemary Mac Cabe post “Gossies 2017:Why I wont be going“. initially I read Rosemary post and thought yes I completely agree but my thinking was; I am not in a position to receive invites to award ceremony so here was my chance to go. Expectations were kept to a minimum, I mean I was not under the Illusion that there would be  a room full of welcoming faces, love and light; I did expect to get my €150 worth out of the night. I am disappointed to say – I didn’t! I should have listened to Rosemary!

A quick Lowdown of the Night

We arrived about 40 minutes late as we knew these type of events never start on time and it’s not like we were needed on the red carpet. It would seem that everyone else thought the same! The event started at 7pm yet we did not sit down till after 9pm. Waiting out in the Radisson Blu reception area was the most uncomfortable and boring hour and half that I will never get back. I understand that there is an element of hanging around; this however just took the biscuit!

Once we entered the area where the ceremony was to take place, you could view the table plan. After a quick scroll through I found our names! Once we sat down and spoke with our neighbours, It was clear to see that we were the seat fillers. 6 of us paid for our tickets (I think some were smaller brands) and 3 were given the tickets from a company involved in the Gossies. Our table was over in far top corner stage side, right beside an exit door!

I started to snap the night; but the hunger got to me and they went downhill as did my interest! Even if I wanted to, I couldn’t get my phone to focus as I was too far away. Hearing Sinead from “The Beautiful Truth” win blogger of the year; a well deserved win in my book did brighten up a rather dull, hard to hear ceremony. We eventually got soup just before 10pm and dinner at 11pm. The food was delicious thank god. At that stage though I would have eaten anything. I will say, the wine did flow freely; for some a bit too freely lol. Not that there is anything wrong with that, yet with no food in the belly I think we all know how that can end up!

So I have to go back to Rosemary again as she posted the live clip from the Gossies on her Facebook page the very next day. At this point in the evening, I too, was very disappointed at the behaviour of some. I do want to make clear, that it certainly was not the majority; even if it did sound like it was. I personally cheered as I do enjoy her content on both her blog and snapchat. I don’t think they there is anything else I can add, I think the opinions were all there to see on facebook and twitter.

The goody bag was fine, even though I was led to believe that it was due to be €600 worth? I mean I have attended many different events, fundraisers, PR events and masterclass events. Some I have paid for others I have not. This goody bag was not on par compared to some. Believe me when I say, the goody bags are not the be all and end all for me. However in this instance, I was hoping it would justify the big hole in my bank account.

I never once met the host of the awards? Now this is my first awards ceremony so this may be the norm and if it is, lads pull up the socks. If you are looking for others to carry the cost of your nominees, the least you can do is come and say hi to those that did pay to be there.

The after party we were told at the start of the night was in Lillie Bordellos and we were handed out wrist bands at the end of the night. Again disappointment took hold. I didn’t understand what all the moving about was for. Patricia opted out of this part but I thought hell no, even if I only go and have one drink I am going! I walked from the Gresham hotel to Lillies and headed in by myself. The first time I can safely say I have entered a bar on my own and that is how I stayed; all on my lonesome!

I gave up and went back to the hotel.


To Sum it all up


So to sum it all up – I stood in a reception area for nearly an hour and half; I had to wait another hour to get fed, I listened to grown ass adults boo; make fun of others and act like overall knobs for a few hours (again only the minority but they were there) ;cheered for a load of the winners that were not in attendance (out of their control but that may be down to the level they are aiming at); drank loads of wine to compensate for the hunger and never got to make one contact. All for €150, I could have had the same experience in my local at a much lower price tag!

Now I can’t blame everything on the Gossies. Ballsy and Brazen are not words that describe me and you need these traits to succeed in this environment . That said they way the night played out, did not facilitate the opportunity either. I felt worse for those in up and coming business who thought that they would make contacts (I spoke with a few). They left feeling the same way that I did.

I also need to say I nothing to compare the Gossies with. Maybe all of the above is the norm. I am sure I will never find out especially after writing this post; but I am ok with that. Blacklisted comes to mind!

It is important for me to say a good night was had regardless, I made sure I enjoyed. I didn’t sit there with a face on me, or throw my eggs out my basket lol. Any excuse to get dolled up is okay with me but maybe at a lower price point!

As standard for me, I reflected on the evening and thought long and hard before doing this post. I decide to go ahead in the event that it may help some other person like me trying to break into this world. It is not to bash or to be negative. It is to prepare others to get their game face on and leave the nerves at the door if they plan to spend that amount of money.

Learning s for me? I will never fit into this world. I will be forever be an independent. Its time to take it, own it and run with it.

Till next time

Yvonne xx








8 thoughts on “Gossies 2017 – Was it Worth The Price Tag?

  1. Glad to read an honest review from the perspective of an “outsider” . Keep up the good work, great to know a blogger who is honest and not a complete sell out.

  2. Great honest post Yvonne. I thought as much … these things are all the same. The Tia Maria Style Awards here in Cork were the same …price tag just under the €100 but what a pile of Sh–e….
    Never again would I attend such an event. Didn’t think much of a few others I’ve been to but that’s for another day !
    Like you I prefer to be ME & not one of the sheep following the herd.

  3. Fair play to you for being so honest! I normally avoid these events due to the price tag and the clique mentality that goes with it. It’s the same reason I usually avoid driving my followers insane with ‘please vote for me’ posts. The winners are well decided before the voting commences. At least you know first hand what it was like. Nothing worse than sitting at home thinking I should have gone! Lol

  4. Great post Yvonne!! And a massive we’ll done for hitting the after party on your own!! I’m with you these things aren’t my scene and I appreciate your post in case I am ever tempted or feel I ‘have to go’

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