Update- Maintenance and Aftercare of HD Brows

Wet n Wild ultimate brow kit

Hi All

As my original post on HD Brows was such a hit, added to the fact that I have received a lot of questions about the maintenance of my brows, I thought that I would complete a follow-up post to let you know how I am getting on with them. Lots of people also asked me to explain the steps in more details and to highlight the difference between HD brows and a normal brow shape and tint  To address this I will sum up the differences between the two and give my opinion on which one to go for….for whatever that is worth 🙂

That said, I do think an opinion from someone who is not experienced in or particularly good at applying beautifying treatments, makeup or anything beauty related really, your average joe so to speak, always gives a good idea of the maintenance aspect and the actual ability to recreate. I thought the best place to start was to go through the steps of the HD process so here it goes!

The steps of HD brows are as follows:

  1. Your face shape is assessed to determine the best shape to suit you
  2. Your brows and skin are tinted to highlight and even out the eyebrows
  3. Waxing to create the shape
  4. Then the threading happens to help blend hair into the brow area
  5. Tweezing to remove any stray hair
  6. Trimming if you have unruly hair
  7. The skin is then soothed by a skin calming lotion and any gaps filled in by eyebrow pencil or palette

The difference between the HD Brows and doing a regular tint and shape really comes down to the shape, the level of tint and regrowth of hair to desired shape. The HD Brow is like drawing in the shape and letting the hair grow into that shape by filling in the blanks until your next visit and ultimately you reach your desired angular brow. Also the tint that is used for the HD Brows also tints the skin to give a fuller looking eyebrow, which with normal tinting does not occur when getting a regular tint.

To be fair it comes down to your preference, If you wish to try to grow your eyebrows to a fuller shape than HD is the way to go but if you happy with the general shape of your brows a tidy up and tint is for you.  If you’re not sure, I would suggest you set up a consultation. A good Beautician is not going to suggest you go with HD brows if it is just not feasible to do so or they feel your not committed or sure. That is why you need to choose carefully who you are going to let run wild with your brows….or any other part of you to be honest.

If your concerned about the maintenance, don’t be! I do not have the time to faff about in the mornings so I was also concerned about the filling in. I did not need to worry it only takes me a few minutes and if you find the right product for you it will make it even easier. 

I got this great little set from Wet n Wild at a fab price of €3.99 in my local Dunnes Stores and its brilliant. The color is perfect for me, I love the wax and it has a little mirror in the bottom for the mornings when I don’t get to do them before I leave the house.

Wet n Wild ultimate brow kit

The hardest part for me, is to fight the urge to pluck, it is almost too much for me to bear…however I have refrained, just about! I really want to get the shape right and by using my nifty kit you don’t even notice them!


I will definitely be going back to Eye Candy to get them done again, check out her page for more information and for any queries you would like an actual expert to answer.


Oh and thanks for all the compliments!

Yvonne xx

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