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So lets talk HD Brows….I am sure like most of you, when I think HD Brows I think of the below (as did my co-worker when I told her I was getting them done, she nearly fell off her chair 🙂 If that is your style then go you, but its a no no for me….I like to blend in as I think you are all aware of by now!


Huge Browa


Any who, I had seen some fabulous photo’s of Eye Candy – Caoilfhionn Pike work on her Facebook page so I bit the bullet, contacted her and made an appointment  and I am so glad that I did……I LOVE THEM!

The process is long the first time around. You need to take a patch test at least 48 hours before hand (and believe me when I say, even though there was instructions I still got it arseways and it was not down to poor instructions either!). This will leave a black mark on your arm which can be removed once you attend your appointment.

So with all the above completed in advance, I rock up, slightly worried about meeting someone new and more so on this occasion how I was going to look coming out of there!  I did not need to worry, Caoilfhionn was so welcoming and put me at ease straight away. She begin to go through the process of what would happen (colour tint, wax, threading and filling in where needed) and most importantly asked me what I wanted and listened – which does not always happen as we all know.

The below is what she had to work with (don’t laugh too hard I know they are awful)

Old Eyebrows

As you can see my eyebrows are very light in comparison to my hair so I wanted them to be darker but not too dark and I wanted the shape to be very natural and that is what I got…thank god!

New HD Brows

Overall it took an hour but the next appointment will not be as long, as it is the initial consultation that takes up a good chunk of time. To be fair I did not notice the time passing and that is unusual for me but we were busy chatting so I that made the time fly. The aftercare is straight forward – no perfumed products for at least 24 hrs, no fake tan or exfoliate – as you can imagine the area is quite sensitive after. You also may need to fill in with a eyebrow product depending on the shape you have gone for and what way your brows are prior to the treatment.

All in all, it was well worth my time and money and I could not recommend Caoilfhionn enough. She has just recently started her business and is at present building her client base and I can safely say that I will definitely be back to her to continue my HD Brow journey. If you would like to contact her or see her other work – as we all will be looking for something different then check out her FB page here: https://www.facebook.com/Eye-Candy-Caoilfhionn-Pike-881910511925651/?fref=ts

I hope the review  helped in terms of the process involved and also assist you in making a decision about HD Brows.

Thanks for reading!

Yvonne xx


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