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Such clickbait!! I know that is what your thinking but I swear I am just all about PLT even if it’s the most annoying thing I have watched in a long time. Now that your here sure, you may as well keep reading ūüėČ


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Yes my hiatus lasted a lot longer than originally planned but¬†as most know,¬†real life has a way of stopping you in your tracks and making you down tools and hibernate. I am not adverse to retreating into myself so that I can figure things out. ¬†I just couldn’t blog. My heart was not in, I couldn’t even continue on social media. I thought that it was the end of my blogging journey if I am honest. Going back into the world of beauty/fashion blogging was the last thing I¬†thought I would¬†want to do again.

However, instead of announcing my retirement (haha I know so dramatic) I allowed myself time to cry, laugh, dance, sing, watch episode after episode of box sets (all you Pretty Little Liar fans will understand the title of this post) and give myself time to digest all the changes that have happened over the last 4 months. I have a new job, a new house, no more braces and it is just me and Mr. D taking on the world together.

I feel like my old yet improved self so I thought it was time to come back to blog. I enjoy buying, testing, window-shopping and having wishful thoughts about makeup and clothes, its only fair I share my thoughts with someone. A four-year old only cares about sweets and not about my new favorite lipstick.

This time however, I am doing it all my way. I am not changing myself to fit in, I will post about what I want, when I want and not worry that maybe someone else has done it first and has a different opinion to mine. Gone are the days were I spent hours interacting with other bloggers on Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook or twitter. It is exhausting and sometimes counterproductive. I will reserve my time and energy into ye lovely people who read my blog cause it is of interest to you and the bloggers I class as friends and/or have content that I actually enjoy reading.

On that theme, I hereby solemnly swear to abide by the follow rules:


my blog my life my rules puttingitoutthereblog

my blog my life my rules puttingitoutthereblog

Rule 1 РOnly attend events that will be of interest to me and all of you


Boredom creeps in very fast if the product is of no interest to me or the event itself is just to get bloggers in one place to get a product/brand trending and has no other value behind it. I mean travelling to Dublin for a soft drink and a couple of products is of no benefit to me if the event itself has no subsistence. It cost me more to travel and park. I could buy double the amount of products with the travel costs. Like us all, buying is what will happen, especially if the interest is there.

So for this moment forth, I declare that only events that really rock my/yours boat will be graced with my presence haha.


Rule 2 – Calm the RBF and stay true!


Really an extension of the above rule but more behavior specific.

Events¬†I attended just for the sake of it, results in me feeling like a sell-out if that makes sense? Just before my hiatus I felt that I was doing this more and more. I assume my rationale was to keep things interesting on the blog/social media. All it did¬†(when I was on my own more so) was to¬†make¬†me very¬†uncomfortable and when I am uncomfortable my protective behaviors come out….resting bitch face anyone? I mean just by attending in my opinion I am giving an indication that I like said product/service¬†which inadvertently makes me¬†a liar! I am sorry I never really thought about it that way until my little break! Anywho, I can safely say this will not happen again.


Rule 3 – Stay in my Lane


When you are put into a room full of people, you inevitably have different groups and a load of different personalities. It can contain a space for narcissistic behaviors and those who exhibit them you need to give a wide berth! To be fair, all area’s of life have them and the beauty blog world is no different. I left too many occasion feeling pretty shitty about myself thanks to those type of people and believe me when I say, I need no help in that department!

Obviously most do not fall into this category and I have made some good friends along the way. Some I will always meet and just fall into step with, its easy!

From this day forth, I swear to officially depart in a bubble of nonchalance and wispy thoughts when found to be in caught in someones egotistical musings or even better, just leisurely stroll for the hills!

Disclaimer: This is not a dig at the whole beauty blog community or at a particular blogger, it’s just an observation on my part.¬†I repeat, I repeat!!


Rule 4 – Keep it real by Putting It Out There ūüėČ


Well if rule 3 didn’t sell it to you, I will spell it out as rule 4. I have never wrote¬†a blog or social media post that was not 100% truth. Many a negative review¬†post has featured on the blog (I hope in a nice way); and this is the one rule that I can hand on my heart say I will never break. My promise to you is to remain true to my opinion regardless if I bought something or it was sent to me.



Rule 5 – Keep the content frequent and relevant


My plan is get at least 2 blog post out a week, every Sunday and Thursday. I also¬†want to make sure that¬†what I am writing about is relevant and¬†enjoyable¬†to you the audience. Come and interact with me on my social media channels which are listed below and keep¬†me¬†in check…..the auld mind can wander and I will need some saving.

So them’s me rules! Any of the above get broken, you have my permission to rub it in my face ūüėČ

Before I finish, I hope this post has come across as honest, self-deprecating and not too whiny. Regardless of what I have said above; I¬†wouldn’t change anything that happened during this last year in blogging and my personal life. It toughened me up and helped me make some necessary life changes and for that I will always be thankful.


Until next time

Yvonne xx

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  1. Fair play to you for knowing when to stop before it stopped you, and well done for knowing when you were ready to come back and for having the courage to do so!!! xxxx

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