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Birchbox Take 2 – Decision Time

After the disaster that was the Irish launch of Birchbox in February, I had high expectations in regards to the delivery time and content and thankfully I was not left too disappointed…..still think it could arrive here quicker but at least it was the middle of the month and not the end. This time I thought I would try all the products before I posted instead of an initial review of the contents…so here it goes.

I said in my last post that I loved the box’s and again I love it and its subtle way to get Birchbox message across. It is based on a word search and in the book its say that Birchbox are here to help “you” find products that suit so that we do not have to. Ultimately I find this hard to believe as they could not possibly accommodate every individual skin/hair type but on this occasion I felt this box was more suited to me.

First up is Birchbox own product ArrowBoost a colour enhancing lip balm (full size). This lip balm proclaims to give you a unique lip colour based on your own PH levels…obviously I cannot say if this is the case as I have no one to compare it too 🙂 It gives a nice tint to my lips and it is nice and moisturizing but I do not like the smell of it 🙁 I will however continue to use it; as it is cruelty and paraben free and it does the job…and who will be smelling my lips?

The Polaar night cream(sample size) was a pleasant surprise, I thought it was very light on the skin which I found is not the case with most night creams. It is suitable for my skin type as I have combination skin and this does not make my oily zone breakout which is a miracle when it comes to night creams. It also smells really nice but is not too fragranced, I hate when creams are too fragranced….it sends my eyes mental!

The ModelCo More Brows (Full Size) is a fiber brow gel. The colour is a bit light for my dark brows and you need a really steady hand to apply it….that said in the right colour and a bit of practice from me, I think I will get the hang of it and purchase it again in a darker shade. I liked that it did not take long to dry so it was perfect for my early workday starts.

The Amika Nourishing Mask (sample size) is a mask for your hair which seals your spilt ends and hydrates your hair. It smells floral but not overwhelming so. I liked it but did not love it, I have many other hair mask that I feel do a better job and cost a lot less than this one. I will finish the pack that I got as a lot goes go a long way but I would say that someone with finer hair would find it really good.

This Works Pillow Spray (sample size) smells lovely and leaves a lovely lavender scent on the bed linen but for me it certainly does not help me sleep…but then I wound up like an elastic, so a hammer can be needed at times to get me to sleep. I would buy it again alone for the smell, I love Lavender.

A ModelCo Lipstick (Extra gift for last month’s wait) I love this lipstick, it is a fab nude/pinky colour, is non-drying and lasts a couple of hours before having to reapply. A nice little extra and nice of them to soften the blow down to the issues of the previous month.

Lanolips Intense Golden Ointment (Full Size) was the highlight for me. It contains all natural products which includes Lanolin, vitamin E and Manuka honey. It is a really creamy moisturizer and I find it brilliant for my heels which are always so dry. I generally put it on after a shower at night and leave it soak into my feet and they are so soft in the morning. I will definitely buy this again its the bomb! If your interested you can purchase for the best price on Feelunique HERE


So that is it for the March Birchbox and overall I am really happy with the contents. I may not always like the products but it does save me buying items for full price to learn that they are not going to work for me. I have kept my subscription for April and I will see how it goes, as long as I love one product, I will be a happy camper.

Yvonne xx


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