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Job interview styling tips? You are probably thinking this should be the least of my worries; let me tell you it’s not! My day job is in HR and I interview all the time as well as attending my own fair share of interviews. I am in the position to tell you that what you wear and how you wear it says a lot about you!

Regardless of how superficial you may think this element is; its human nature and interviewers are human and have irrational thoughts like us all. People make judgements about appearance all the time. Sometimes its an unconscious thought and other times it’s not, either way interviewers make judgements based on how you look. Research has proven this time and time again.

I will put it this way; If you rock up to an interview, wearing ill fitting, wrinkled and poor clothing choices; what do you think this says about you?

Its says your unorganised, or lazy, or that you make poor choices. More importantly it reads that you don’t really want the job! If you really want the job; you do your homework on the company, get your scenarios ready and generally be prepared for any question that is thrown at you. The second element is to ensure you look the part, there is no point doing all the hard work for something silly like a bad interview outfit choice to ruin your chances before you even open your mouth.

I have noted some generally styling tips to help you on your way; as well as a few looks to give you an idea.


Job Interview Styling Tips


Tip 1 – Step Away from the Two Piece Matching Suit


When I first started out interviewing, a two piece suit was the norm and let me tell you – I looked awful in every suit I ever bought! A two piece suit rarely fits a person in both the bottom and top areas. If your clothing doesn’t fit, you are going to feel uncomfortable and that uncomfortableness will come across in the interview. So if you have a suit that you pull out for interviews and it does not fit you to a tee – bag it up and donate it!! If two piece suits are really your thing and make you feel more powerful and confident then keep it, but please go and get it altered. You do not want to look like Ellen Page below!



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Tip 2 – Keep it Smart and Formal


job interview styling tips inappropriate outfit

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Now just because I told you to dump the suit, I do not mean throw on some jeans and a jumper! Regardless of the type of job interview, you should always keep it smart and formal. I mean you are not going for a pint or a coffee (oh if only it was like that). Even if you know the company fosters a casual laid back approach to work wear; it is always best to dress up in an interview situation then dress down. This is the first time your “future employer” will meet you, by putting in the effort they know you mean business!


Tip 3 – Do not do a Mr. T on it Tone Down the Accessories


job interview styling tips Mr. T


God I loved Mr.T he was so damn cool!! That said his choice of accessories leaves a lot to be desired! Unless the job you are going for is fashion/accessory related, its best to keep the accessories to a minimum. A watch, wedding rings and a non intrusive necklace or all perfectly acceptable. You want the interviewers focused on what you’re saying and not on some beautiful statement neck piece. To be fair I know I would be distracted by it…I would be thinking I wonder she got that and start picturing what I would wear it with lol.


Tip 4 – Leave the Car to the Bar Heels at Home and Stick with a Flat Pump




You may laugh at the above but I have two real life stories to tell you about wearing heels in an interview situation. I returned to university as a mature student and as part of the selection process you have to attend an interview with a member of faculty. I wore a subtle heel, nothing too drastic. After leaving the interview, I had to walk pass the window of the interview room on the outside. Just as I passed the window, my heel got caught on the pavement! I proceed to fall on my knees minus my shoe. The embarrassment; I can still feel it to this day lol.

I wore the same damn pair of shoes for my intern placement interview. This time I clipped my heel on the stairs, my shoe fell off; it then tumbled down the flight of stairs we had just come up haha. To make matters worse, I was with a man! Jesus at least if it was a woman, I may have got a sympathy nod. This poor fella was trying his hardest not to wet himself laughing.

Moral of the story, heels are so not worth it! Stick to a practical pump or flat shoe. The interview process is daunting enough without having to deal with extra stress


Tip 5- Neutral not Loud


Job Interview Styling Tips neutral not loud

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Unless the job you are going for is artistic or fashion based, sticking to neutral colours is best. Research has shown that outer wear such as your pants, skirts, jackets in a black, blue or grey colour sits most comfortably with interviewers. White, blue, and pink for your shirt/top is always a safe bet.

It may sound boring, however, its back to the whole distraction and judgement piece.


Job Interview Styling Tips – Outfit Ideas


To give you an idea of what I am talking about in the above tips. I have put together a couple of looks from ZARA and H&M to give you an idea of some interview appropriate outfits. Both of these stores stock perfect clothing for interviews and work wear in general.



job interview styling tips zara outfit

Blazer –

Loafers –

Top –

Bag –

Pants –


job interview styling tips H&M outfit


Pumps –

Bag –

Shirt –

Watch –

Dress –


I hope you found the above tips helpful, let me know if you did.

Until next time

Yvonne xx

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