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I was sent the JOICO Colour Infuse Shampoo and Conditioner for Brunettes (PR Sample) to try. I have used it for the last month and a half to make sure I could give it a through review, as I find that some products leave build up over time and I wanted to see if this would be the case here.

I can now safely say that this Shampoo and Conditioner is the bomb for enriching and highlighting my home coloured hair. Since I have started using the products, I have received numerous compliments about the colour of my hair. Loads of people were actually asking me if I changed my hair colour!

I have naturally auburn hair, so its picking up these tones and highlighting them through my home died brown hair. This will work for those of you who have natural or salon based highlights in your hair and to be fair I don’t think anyone has just one tone in their hair if your Blonde, Brunette or Red. There is a version of both the shampoo and conditioner for Blondes and Reds available also; I obviously cannot vouch for those.


So what is JOICO Colour Infuse Shampoo and Conditioner?

JOICO states that it “revives Brunette’s and gives the hair a gorgeous golden-brown glow, it is formulated to make sure that the hair stays rich. It warms tones, golden and honey hues , on light and medium brunettes. It is suitable for both coloured and virgin hair as it provides a natural infusion of colour so tones stays even”

So in a nutshell , it gives your hair an added boost to ensure it stays  lovely and rich while giving it dimension.

My Thoughts

When I went to use the JOICO Shampoo and Conditioner, I was surprised at the colour of both and I have to say it was a bit apprehensive about using it. The shampoo has a mid consistency between watery and thick, while the conditioner has a creamy consistency and both are brown in colour with a variance in the shade of brown. Handy for us with poor sight, when you are in the shower and pick up the wrong one!

I am not going to lie when I used both of these products the first time, I was concerned that the shampoo did not work up into a lather and the conditioner did not leave my hair as soft or workable as others. I was afraid that my hair, when dried would be straw like. However, once I dried my hair, I was delighted that my hair felt soft, was not dry or greasy which can happen with some products.

I always use both the Shampoo and Conditioner together but I only use them every second wash of my hair. As my hair is colour treated, I try to only wash my hair every third day. Anyway I always think it is better to change your shampoo between washes as your hair needs different things at different times and it prevents product build up!

Overall I was well impressed with the JOICO Colour Infuse Shampoo and Conditioner set but they are not cheap retailing at €16.95 each. Saying that they are big bottles and it will last for ages and secretly I love getting the auld compliments on my hair 😉 More importantly, I had no real product build up…this for me drives me mad so it’s a requirement for me!

You can get them from salon’s (ring 045856490 for stockist details) or on

I just seen in U Magazine that the JOICO Hair Shake won best texturizing product….think I know what my next purchase will be!

I love to know if you have used the JOICO Colour Infuse Shampoo and Conditioner, what did you think?

Yvonne xx

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