Launch of the Eyre Cocktail Bar by Suzanne Jackson


I was so excited to be able to attend the opening of the Eyre Cocktail bar at the The Skeff as Suzanne Jackson of So Sue Me Blog was going to be in attendance to unveil her signature cocktail. As you well know by now I love strong, inspirational and driven women and Suzanne is certainly one driven and hardworking women.  

Not only was I excited to attend the launch but I was going to meet 20 odd other bloggers who are part of the Into the West Blogger Network. I really admire this group, as they are so supportive of each other which is not always the case in the blogging world. They welcomed me with open arms and I have to give a special shout out to Saibh Egan who went out of her way to make me feel comfortable and included from the get go.


So on to the nitty gritty, first up Suzanne’s signature cocktail “So Sip Me” tasted divine! I am not a big cocktail drinker but this one was like you were drinking something healthy and fruity. It was made up of Vodka, Crème de Menthe, Kiwi Liqueur and Sweet mix all blended with crushed ice. The rest of the cocktail menu also sounds amazing with the old regulars such as my personal favourite the Moijito and newer one’s like the Spring Fling.


There was also a selection of finger food which was gorgeous, it included Risotto Balls, Cupcakes, Chocolate lollipops and my favourite of the night little meatballs. After tasting the above I will be back with Devin and the Hubby to the Skeff for dinner when I am up in Galway again, which is frequently! The menu sounds delicious and I have read great reviews. I will use the €10 voucher I was kindly given when we arrived.

Suzanne herself arrived around 9.30 and said a few words and then the floor was opened up to questions, which she happily answered. She then went in behind the bar to make “So Sip Me” and she did a fine job. You then had a chance to get your picture taken with Suzanne and my god the queue was up the stairs.

Photo courtesy of the Skeff Bar

I had to leave early but as I was about to leave I saw the queue was just at the end and the lovely Joanne Sweeney-Burke of the Digital Training Institute gave me the opportunity to get a picture with the gorgeous Suzanne Jackson. She was so nice and friendly and even told me she loved my River Island top

Overall it was a great night, I got to connect with 20 odd other bloggers, ate some great food, had a gorgeous cocktail and last be not least, I got to meet Suzanne. It was also another step in the right direction for me in regards to my personal journey. I arrived by myself but I left with a few more like minded friends and I did not spend the journey home analysing what I said or questioned if I interacted ok…bonus.

 Sure what else could you ask for?

Yvonne xx

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