Makeup Swap – New Zealand/Australia Vs Europe

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A makeup swap you say?? I know, the title sounds a bit random but you know what; this blogging business has opened my mind and as a result I have met some amazing people. Virtually and in person. One of these fabulous people is the lovely Sarah from So Beauty Stuff .

I met Sarah through our love of Instagram and makeup. However Sarah lives in New Zealand, so we have never met in person. I have learned none of this matters. There is nothing wrong with saying I have an Insta Bestie lol. It’s the exact same as when we meet people face to face, some we are drawn too and others we are not.

Any who, Sarah suggested that we should do a makeup swap. I send her bits that are available in Europe but are not in New Zealand/Australia and vice versa. Of course I said yes! I love trying new brands of makeup and this will be my first blogger collaboration. What’s not to love about this idea.

Without further ado I am going to get on with reviewing the items I received from the makeup swap. Make sure you check out Sarah’s post to see what goodies she received and her thoughts on them.


Makeup Swap

I received 3 items from Australis Cosmetics and 1 item from Chi Chi Cosmetics and I can say Sarah knows me well!! I was so excited opening up the parcel and she did not disappoint!


Australis Banana Powder


Makeup Swap Australis Banana Powder


First up I received the Australis Banana powder. It claims to banish dark circles and redness. The best bit is that it is cruelty free and vegan friendly. It is a fine size and should last the distance.

Now I love a powder, it’s an essential for me to ensure my makeup stays on for more than a couple of hours. I have tried a couple of banana powders and I have not loved them; They have been grand like but nothing to write home about.

This however is just beautiful on the skin. It is finely milled and does not cake. It brightens the under eye area without making you look two toned. It sets my makeup beautifully and lasted the obligatory 3/4 hours before any retouch was needed (this is the norm for me).

I used a setting brush and this works perfectly. You can build it to your desired coverage level. I did notice if I used too much it would settle in my lines so an easy hand works best. Also if your very fair like me, you may like it to brighter. That said I am happy with how it looks, but we are all different!

Overall it gets a 4 out if 5 stars from me.


Australis Strobe Lights Illuminating Powders


Makeup Swap Australis Strobe lights



This Palette has 3 different shades of highlights to suit all skin tones and its nice and subtle. I am happy with subtle for my day to day makeup look but I was not blown away by these highlighters. Australis is a budget brand but so is Makeup Revolution. If I have a choice between them both; Makeup Revolution wins hands down.


Makeup Swap Australis Strobe lights swatches


The swatches above shows just how subtle they are. I mean I don’t hate the product by any means, I will use it. Compared to the other products I received, this was mediocre.

Overall I would give 3/5 stars.


Australis Metallix Eyeshadow Gold Gaga


Makeup Swap Australis Metallix Eyeshadow gold gaga


Now this Metallix cream eyeshadow in gold gaga excited me! It is just so soft to the touch and the pigmentation when I swatched it was immense! Now cream eyeshadow can be hit and miss when applying especially when there is glitter involved. I found it best to apply using my finger. It can crease, so I normally set it dusting of gold shadow to help it stay in place

It is perfect for doing a spotlight eye or just swiped on the lid. I also used it as a liner and it was so nice and lasted all day. This will definitely come out for any nights on the town.


Makeup Swap Australis Metallix Eyeshadow gold gaga swatches



Chi Chi Spices Eyeshadow Collection


Makeup Swap Chi Chi Spices Eyeshadow collection


Now I am an eye shadow palette fanatic so I was so happy to see this in my package. I instantly fell in love with these warm and rich neutral colours. There are 12 colours in total and they are a mix of matte, satin and shimmer shades. The colours are so diverse you could use this palette to create a huge amount of different looks.

The excitement became twofold when I swatched the shadows. The colour payoff is out of this world. You can see yourself below how intense even the matte shades are. As always I just swipe my fingers over the powder and apply to my arm. No heavy swatching as this distorts the actual colour payoff you will receive.


Makeup Swap Chi Chi Spices Eyeshadow collection swatches


I mean the copper and rose gold shades on the left hand side are just gorgeous!.

As with a lot of budget palettes and some high end; there is fall out but nothing too extreme. When I used the palette for the first time, it was a pleasure. They blended well, lasted the distance with a primer and I am excited to try more and more looks with this palette.


Make Swap – Was it Worth It?


The makeup swap was so worth it. I mean I order a lot from the USA, yet I never thought to have a look at somewhere anywhere else. I think the influence from the states is so huge, we see so many products from there come over to our shores thanks to the likes of Beauty Bay, Cult Beauty and Cloud 10 Beauty. I think its time the popped over to the old South Specific and bring us over some gems like Australis Cosmetics and Chi Chi Cosmetics.

Until next time


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  1. Yay! Such an awesome post, as expected. So cool to hear your thoughts on all of the products. I can definitely see us doing this again in the future 🙂 x

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