What’s Hot, What’s Not and Must Have’s – Beauty Round Up May

Beauty round up may 2016 whats hot and what is not


Please bare in mind this is only my opinion and that my skin type is combination, with an emphasis on the oily side (and prone to acne breakouts)!

What’s Hot

I am loving the Makeup Revolution Golden Sugar 2 Blush/Bronzer and Highlighter Palette which I bought along with a myriad of other products (which I will review separately) online directly from Makeup Revolution HERE for £6 (if you haven’t already, download the app for 20% off your first order and use Parcel Motel for cheaper postage costs). You can also order through Superdrug HERE and get it delivered in-store bare in mind it can run out of stock pretty quickly!

There are 8 powders in total 4 shimmery and 4 matte and in my opinion perfect for a dewy summer look in one palette. You could use some shades as an eye shadow for either day (peachy tone 1st from the left) or night (the copper tone 6th from the left) along with using it for blush, highlight and contour.



I am really loving this palette and it has become a staple in my makeup bag!!

What’s Not


I am sorry to say that the Boots Botanics Radiance Balm was an epic fail for me and my skin type. I read reviews and heard loads of good things about this product before I bought it and I was really excited to try it out. First off I thought it was just too shimmery for my liking but I thought what the hell, I will give it a go but I should have known better! The consistency was my first warning, it is a bit watery and the smell was very flowery.


I still went ahead and tried it but after a couple of uses I ended up with a very painful breakout around my chin area. I could use it as a highlighter under or over my foundation but once something makes me breakout I normally just stay away.

I would say if you are looking for a cheap alternative and have a normal skin type then this would do the trick but for me it was a very painful let down.


My Need to Haves

Marissa Carter of Coca Brown has done it again with her the release of the Self-Tan Back Applicator. No more are we ladies going to have to hang mitts off hangers or wait for the other half or friend to provide assistance or worse, leave a very big white patch on our backs. It is retailing at €7.50 from participating pharmacies.


I am a huge lover of Penney’s own brand lipsticks and lip liners. For those of us on a budget and who may require the ultimate staying power, you can’t go wrong as the average price is €2. So I was excited to hear that they have now launched their PS Pro Range. It’s a 42 piece range with the focus on the prep and perfecting stage of your makeup routine. The brand says the products are made with top-quality ingredients and give long lasting staying power. The products include primers, foundation, lipsticks, eyeliners and finishing powders to name but a few.





So I hope you like the post and as always all feedback is encouraged and gratefully received.

Yvonne xx







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  1. I like this article. Just be sure when saying “there is 8 powders” you say “there are”. Also, don’t forgot to protect yourself under copyright law and embed those photos before posting! 🙂

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