My May Makeup Favourites


My May Makeup Favourites



Pippa Palette (Blank Canvas)

Pippa-Palette-makeupI love this palette so much, its the best €30 I have ever spent! As you know I generally leave the house very early in the morning; so I just about get my foundation and concealer on. So I find this palette brilliant as I can use it for my eyeshadow, contour(not that I get to do this most days to be honest), blush and highlight. It really reduces down the amount of products I need to bring with me. If I ever forget my brow kit, I will use a mix of the amour (bronzer) and Dodo(eyeshadow) shades in its absence. The highlighter is nice and shimmery  but not too in your face so perfect for work! I do find the blush needs to be built up on my skintone as it is quite light but that may not be the case for everyone.


Spectrum Tapered Finishing Brush

I got this brush in my first Birchbox and it is one of the best pieces I have received from them, I adore it! It says that you can use it for bronzing and highlighting but I generally use it for my translucent powder. I love the colour and quality of the brush and its vegan and cruelty free.

Spectrum-tapered-finishing-brush- Catrice-Nude-Illusion-Transculencent-Powder-Makeup

Catrice Nude Illusion Loose Powder Transparent Matt

This is one of the best budget buys I have gotten recently (€5.50 from a local pharmacy). I find that it really helps my makeup stay in place, especially on my very oily T-zone. It is also perfecting for baking, which is something I actually do everyday, only because I know that wont go wrong when I am rushing lol. For baking I use it under my eyes, down my nose, my forehead and jawline using a beauty blender to apply and my Spectrum brush to dust off after 5 minutes.


Bare Minerals Prime Time

As I have large pores along with oily and uneven textured skin, I started to use this primer under my makeup as it states it is perfect for combating all of the above. Now my journey with primers has been a rough one! I have found most work ok under my foundation but my poor skin always breaks out from using them. I am delighted to stay this is not the case with the Bare Mineral primer. The consistency of it is light and runny and you do not need to use much of it, which is always good in my opinion! I got this in a Bare Minerals starter kit from my husband at Christmas so its only a mini one. I am definitely going to repurchase when I finish it.



Catrice Liquid Camouflage Concealer

I have used this concealer every weekday since I bought it! I love the colour, the consistency, how it sits on the skin and more importantly…..I am in love with the price (€4.00 from my local pharmacy). I would not say the coverage is high but it is pretty decent and it does not go on chalky or goopy nor does it crease. It is a winner without a doubt and I am going out to buy another tomorrow.


Wet n Wild Cinnamon Spice Matt Lipstick and Plumberry Lip liner

wet-n-wild-Cinnamon-Spice-Matt-lipstick-e917b-and-plumberry-lipliner-e715-makeupI bought both of these on a complete whim while doing my shopping in Dunnes Stores. If you follow me on Snapchat (add me on @putting_it), you will already know from previous snaps   how much I love both of these products. The lip liner is huge and only costs €1.99 and goes perfectly with the Cinnamon Semi-Matt lipstick €2.99. It is like a brown/red and suited my skin tone and I would imagine it would suit most. If I am honest, I was not expecting much but my first wear of both was for a night out and I was not disappointed. I reapplied once during the night and that was more out of habit than necessity. At the end of the night it was still in place, did not bleed, clump or leave me with just a line around my lips! The lipstick is not easy to apply without a brush….but I can live with that for the colour payoff and the fantastic price. The top line below is the Plumberry lip liner and the second is the Cinnamon Spice. I done this at nighttime, forgot to clean it off and it was still there the next morning!




Until next time!

Yvonne xx



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