NIMA Brush 5 Piece Eye Detail Set

NIMA Brush 5 piece eye detail set

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I met Niamh Martin, the brains and beauty behind NIMA Brush, at a Shisedio event in Dublin. I only got to speak to her briefly, however, I followed up after with her as I knew that the NIMA brushes with sit so nicely into the spotlight series for the Limerick Life Paper.

Before I get into the brushes I will tell you a little bit about Niamh and her brand NIMA Brush. Niamh started her career as a makeup artist and then went on to teach her craft to others. In 2012 she launched NIMA Brush with her first brush collection and since then, her brand has gone from strength to strength. Her brushes have won many an award and now that I have used them I can see why!

Niamh kindly sent me out he two of her bestsellers – the five piece eye details set and the elite face detail set. I am going to write two different post, as in my opinion it would be a sin to lump both in together! I am going to start with the NIMA Brush 5 piece eye detail set.


NIMA Brush 5 Piece Eye Detail Set – The Low Down


NIMA Brush 5 piece eye detail set


When I first received these brushes, I actually didn’t want to use them….and only because they are so beautiful! The white handle with the rose gold ferrules just looked so pretty in my brush holder. Obviously I couldn’t do that, so after taking a million and one pictures I got down to trying them out!

The set has 5 travel size eye brushes so its perfect for someone like me who ends up finishing her makeup in the car or the bathrooms in work……the joys of having a toddler and 3 dogs!


The Crease Blender Brush


The crease blender brush from NIMA Brush

The crease blender brush has now become my go to blending brush since receiving the set. It is made from pony hair and is incredibly soft and blends out my eye shadow like a dream, even the ones that are not the easy to blend. As you can see its tapered at the end, which in my opinion makes the whole job of blending so much easier. If your like me and generally don’t have time to spend an hour creating your eye look, then this is the brush for you! The other blending brushes I have are larger and I tend to get a bit messy and carried away when rushing. I found the tapered end of this brush helped reign in the crazy when I am rushing, which is most of the time.

In the event I have not convinced you enough, I am actually going to purchase another one so that I have it on standby in the event the first one does not dry quick enough.


The Large Shader Brush


The large shader brush from nima brush


All of the Make up Professionals will be horrified to hear that sometimes I use just one colour on my eye lid when I am really rushing in the morning and this happens quite regularly! I am just not fast enough sometimes, so I have to make do with just one colour and this brush does the job beautifully.

When I do have time, I use this brush to set my primer and to apply my base shadow, I also go in with it apply my lid colour. I have large eye lids so I do not need a smaller brush but this may not be the case for everyone. Again it is so soft and it holds the shadow really well.

The Small Shader Brush


The small shader brush from the NIMA Brush eye detail set

The small shader brush is the ONLY brush that I have used that actually helps me get the perfect lower lash smudged shadow look. I know strange but I could never get it right…it always just looked wrong but not any more! This is now the only brush I use for my lower lash line. Its the perfect size and works the shadow just beautifully and its small enough for me to control the amount of shadow I want to apply.

If you do not usually do your lower lash line, this brush can also be used to apply eye shadow to the lid or for both! As I use the large shader brush for my lid I reserve this brush for my lower lash line only.


Angled Brow


The angled brow brush from the nima brush eye detail set


The Angled brow brush does a great job of lining out my brows. The brush is quite long, which I need as I have very shaky hands. The larger the brush the quicker I get the job done, and the less likely I am to mess up. This brush can also be used as an eyeliner brush and if I am honest, I like it more for this job then my brows! Its not that I don’t like what it does for my brows, its just that I love it for my eyeliner.

As I said already the shaky hand can make the job of doing my liner a horrifying experience, more so than normal. As the brush is long I can get the job done really quickly and it goes on like a dream with this brush.


The Bent Eyeliner


The bent eyeliner brush from nima brush the eye detail set

First off, I hope you like the picture….it took me forever and its still not great lol. Anyway I tried and everyone loves a trier…right? Back to the job at hand, this brush is amazing for getting your liner bang on at the inner corner. It is bent at the ferrule and this makes getting in there much easier.

I have used mush cheaper version of this kind of brush and there is no comparison. The liner just glides on so well with this brush, I never have to go over with another coat…thank god, it takes me long enough as it is! I use it in conjunction with the angled brow brush above to achieve the perfect eyeliner.


Overall Impressions of the NIMA Brush Eye Detail Set

I am so impressed with this set as a whole and I obviously have a few standouts if you read all of the above. The NIMA Brush 5 piece eye detail set is perfect for those of us who are not experts as well as those who are. A friend who is a trained makeup artist was trying to make off with the set and she had not even tried them out….just examined them in detail!

As the set is travel size the handles are smaller then the norm and I actually found that this works to my advantage. I wear glasses all the time during the week, so when I am applying the likes of my eyeliner I need to get up close and personal with the mirror. When the handles of the brushes are too long, I always bang the mirror with the end of the brush and boom just like that all my hardwork is ruined.

Washing the brushes does not affect them in any way. I have washed the brushes numerous times at this point and they are still perfect. There is no bristle loss and they are as soft and subtle as the day I received them.

The NIMA Brush 5 Piece Eye Detail Set retails at €30, so at €6 for a brush you cant go wrong. Right now you can only purchase on the site – , however, Niamh is now on the hunt for stockiest so I am sure it wont be long before you see them in a store near you soon.

 I hope you liked the review and I would love to know if you have purchased any NIMA Brushes and your thoughts on them.

Yvonne xx

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