Nip + Fab Glyconic Cleanser Fix and Serum Fix – Dream combination

the NIP + FAB Glycolic Cleansing Fix and Serum Fix

NIP + FAB Glycolic Cleansing Fix and Serum Fix


the NIP + FAB Glycolic Cleansing Fix and Serum Fix


A Picture tells a thousand words…..I LOVE the NIP + FAB Glycolic Cleansing Fix and Serum Fix.

The Details


First up, the foaming NIP + FAB Glycolic Cleansing Fix that contains 2% Glycolic Acid which retextures and resurfaces the skin (its recommended that you do a patch test first), Apple Amino Acid which provides the foaming effect and softens and Olive oil that smoothes and gives lasting hydration.

Then there is the wonderful NIP + FAB Glycolic Serum Fix which is an overnight serum that works to retexture the skins appearance. It contains 4% glycolic acid, PoreAway (a pore refining ingredient) which minimizes the appearance of enlarged pores and aloe vera to soothe and calm. Marissa Carter is a fan of this and if you’re not following her on Snapchat you need to start, she always gives great advice. Her Snapchat user name is @cartermarissa.


The Background


 I have had very acne ridden skin over the years and even after a dose of roaccutane (a drug to treat severe nodular acne) at 26, 8 years later my skin can still get outbreaks and on top of that I am left with large pores on my cheeks and nose. This has been a huge issue for me when it comes to putting on my make-up, no amount of primer will hide these babies!

So I was in boots having a nosey and I saw both products were on offer and I just bought them on a whim, thinking here I go wasting more money on products that won’t work and more than likely make my skin worse. Aside from the acne I have quite sensitive skin so a lot of products tend to make my skin flare up rather than help it. Anyway, off I went that night to use both products with little or no expectations, how wrong I was!

My Thoughts…..


The cleanser is very fragranced so I initially thought it was not going to end well for my poor skin. The smell may not be to everyone liking as it reminds me of grapefruit but I don’t mind it, just be warned it does smell quite strongly. Once I dried my face, it felt really smooth and squeaky clean. More importantly after a few days of use, there was not one breakout and believe me when I tell you this is some miracle!

The serum is the brainchild of these two products without a doubt in terms of pore reduction. I have seen a huge improvement in my skin and the pores are not as prominent. My makeup is sitting much better and my T-zone is not as oily either.

Both the cleanser and the serum will be on my must have beauty shopping list and I will definitely try more of the range. Now all I have to do is find my perfect day serum, moisturiser, primer and hydrating spray/mask. All suggestions welcome!


You can get them here:


Yvonne xx

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