Positive Attitude – The Only Way to Succeed

I can, I will end of story

The Ultimate Challenge – Maintaining a Positive Attitude


Positive Attitude


The title seems to be a bit redundant, in that it makes perfect sense. Obviously you need a positive attitude to help you succeed in everything you do; however, sometimes I think we can forget this important aspect.

It always amazes me how easily doing something outside of your comfort zone or your known ability can quickly become difficult and troublesome. It’s that expectation that we can but on ourselves to live up to a certain level (which generally is unattainable, as none of us are brilliant at everything) and it becomes exhausting, makes us question our ability and affects our attitude in a negative way.

I know I am my biggest critic and this can really affect my attitude towards new things. My sewing class for instance, I am not naturally gifted with my hands, so I can get easily frustrated, which affects my overall attitude…for the worst. So with that in mind; when I attempted my next set of 30 sowing lines for homework, I approached it with a completely different mindset. I followed these simple Hints and Tips (which I always use in my professional life but never really applied to my personal life until now!!)


Maintaining a Positive Attitude – Hints & Tips

  • Do not start the day/task/ hungry or tired (this may only apply to me 🙂 Hangry is a real emotion in my case….just ask my sewing buddies! A poor nights sleep or worse a sequence of them can also greatly affect my overall mood and attitude.


  • Visualize what it is you want to achieve and be clear on how you are going to achieve it, this applies to any task. In my case it was to attempt to sow 30 somewhat straight lines onto a piece of curtain lining (yes the struggle is real) without crying, cursing or threatening to throw the machine out the window.


  • Look at how you are going to achieve your said task with a positive mindset. We all can go into situations with a negative attitude as it is much easier to be negative than positive, however training your mind to go to a positive place is possible……as long as you are aware of your own limitations in this area. I will begin with a negative attitude if I am tired or hungry so I have to remind myself not to even attempt my homework if I am either of those things, I also play music as I have a positive connotation with music so it helps me maintain my positive attitude so that I can succeed with the task.


  • When the negative emotions/thoughts start to creep back in, be aware of it and remind yourself of the previous points and more importantly why you began the task/hobby in the first place. I have found some of the situations I have put myself could easily end up as chore, so I remind myself why I am doing it and the long-term benefit of doing it and that gets me back on track.


  • Be kind to yourself and be realistic (unless you’re a visionary and if you are I do not think a negative attitude would be an issue in the first place). You may find a hidden talent and excel at it instantly but generally when doing new things the likely hood is that it will be a slow road to success.


  • Work on your Confidence. We all need to be confident to do something different or outside of the norm, so you are already half way there but if you waiver at any point, again remember why you signed up to complete the course/task or whatever it is. Tell yourself that you can do it, research, put in extra work or whatever works for your confidence building. In my case a fundamental understanding, hands-on practice and a well done always boosts my confidence.


I can, I will end of story


I honestly think that if you follow the above steps you will maintain a positive attitude and succeed in your goal. Fully understanding the fundamentals of your goal and how you are going to achieve it, putting the time into yourself and your goal and building your confidence are the three key takeaways to maintain a positive attitude so that you may succeed.

There are loads of books out there that deal with Positive Thinking/Mindfulness/How to succeed if you wish to gain additional inspiration or ideas. I find Book Depository is a great website to get these genre of books at a reasonable price.

Yvonne XX






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