Primark Matte Liquid Lipstick Kit – Review and Application

Primark matte liquid lipstick kit

If you follow me on snapchat (@putting_it) you would have seen me try out the Primark matte liquid lipstick kit in Chocolate Brownie. I came back during the evening to show you how it was holding up against eating and drinking. If you saw the snaps, I am sure you will have an idea how this review will go; yet I will write it anyway 😉

If I am honest I was not expecting much from the kit; I mean it cost €4! I found it randomly on a shelf in my local Penneys so I bought it; It felt like a sign and I like a dark coloured lip!


Primark matte liquid lipstick kit


The kit itself comprises of the a soft lip liner and a matte liquid lipsticks. For this post I am going to cover the positives and the negatives of both the lip liner and the lipstick.


Primark Matte Liquid Lipstick Kit – The Details



The Positives


The lip liner was soft and easy to work with.

I also really liked the applicator on the liquid lipstick; the perfect shape which made it easy to apply.

The colour is right up my street and would have been a makeup staple if the formulation was better!



Primark matte liquid lipstick kit



It was also comfortable to wear, not overly drying.

That my friends is where the positives end!


The Negatives


To which there are many, I am afraid to report!

The lip liner is just too soft and slightly crumbles when the matte liquid lipstick is applied over it. It also did not stop the lipstick bleeding after a few minutes of application.


Primark matte liquid lipstick kit


The liquid lipstick applies patchy and is quite noticeable in natural day light.  As my lips don’t match on either side, I have to slightly overdraw and the lipstick just did not cover it. If anything it made my lips look even stranger then when they don’t match Lol.


Primark matte liquid lipstick kit


Initially the transfer was minimal; so much so, I couldn’t pick it up on my camera. However, the minute I had a cup of coffee it just kind off melted away at each sip. I live on coffee so it was never going to work for me!


Primark matte liquid lipstick kit

Keeping it real

At the end of the day, it cost €4 so I was never expecting miracles. Penneys can get some things so right and others not so much. This would have to fall into the latter category.


Have you tried it yet? Do you agree?


Until Next Time

Yvonne xx

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4 thoughts on “Primark Matte Liquid Lipstick Kit – Review and Application

  1. I had the paler one and it was exactly the same. It was a beautiful colour but the quality of the lipstick was awful mine actually started to peel off of my lips within minutes. Awful formulation

  2. Good to know that this is not worth buying. A bargain product is great, but when it’s this much of a bargain I guess it is too good to be true! X

  3. Hey Yvonne ! 😀

    I am so sad to read that this didn’t work for you… I got mine in the same shade, Chocolate Brownie, just yesterday. I live in France so I didn’t even expect my local Primark to have those Lip Kits !
    Anyway, I have not tried it with the lip liner underneath it yet (still have to snap some shots for my own post about these !) but I already love how it looks on its own. It is transferproof to me, but I did have to reapply all of the lipstick after eating an oily soup (kind of normal to that point lol).
    But, I do remember giving a friend my first batch ever of Primark liquid matte lipsticks (the ones called like the Jenner-Kardashian sis) because they were all crumbly weird on my lips. I really think the result depends on our lips, too bad this one didn’t work for you ! 😀

    Have a very nice day !!

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