Putting It Out There Blog 1st Birthday – What a year it has been!

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Yup Putting it Out There Blog is now a year old and what a year it has been! There have been highs and lows, yet I can say I don’t regret one single bit of it. Have you ever gotten that feeling that you are just gliding through life; like there is something missing; a feeling of unfulfillment? Well that is how I was feeling this time last year. I thought about doing something like this for a long time but my continued issues with needing “social acceptance” prevented me from pursuing anything new or different. Especially something that relies on “putting it out there” to the whole world, hence the name of the blog.

My first thought was to start with a list of challenges; things that I have always wanted to do but haven’t for some reason or another. You can see my list HERE if you are interested. I completed most of them but only spoke about a few in detail. This was down to me, beginning to feel pressure (from myself) to keep putting myself in situations that I was not comfortable with and then having to write about them. One particular challenge ended quite badly, I ended up in a bathroom crying my heart out and I just thought no more. I did not want to write about that night and how I felt or more importantly how I was made to feel by others.

That night made me stronger, more confident and determined to make this blog a success. It did not stop me going into situations that were not in my comfort zone but it did make me stop writing about them.

I decide to change tract after that night. My focus turned to beauty and fashion as that is what I enjoyed doing after getting into the groove of this blogging business. I remained true to the initial reason of starting the blog. Pushing myself and comfort levels at all times, I surprised even myself when I began to look back on this whirl wind year. The below are just a few of the highlights.


Photo Shoot


Pennys primark stripped jumpsuit


This is one that sticks in my mind so clearly, I was petrified at the thought of it. That said working with two fabulous ladies like Sarah from Sarah Curran Photography  and Caoilfhinn from Eye Candy Shannon I knew that I would be in safe hands. I don’t think these two ladies have any idea of what they did for me that night. They made me feel like a million dollars, respected my limits and yet gentle coached me through the shoot.

I cannot even put into words what they did for my confidence level. My hate of getting my photo taken is a passion like no other. I always felt like a gawky ugly duckling never knowing what to do with my feet or my hands. Attention directed towards me, the gawkiness takes on a life of its own.

They made me embrace my nuisances and work with them and they were right. I don’t what to fundamentally change myself, I just want a version of myself that I can love and be happy with. This was the moment I realised I needed to keep going, growing and learning.

You can checkout the post HERE.


The Beauty Blog Awards


Yvonne Fegan Beauty Blog Awards Putting it out there


This was my first big “blogger event” that I attended with the lovely Patricia from My Life the Event and Clare with the Hair. I was not nominated for an award but I wanted to attend to see what it was all about and to support Clare who was up for an award.

Overall the night was a steep learning curve. Behaviours of some were left to be desired and a two tier class system also came in to play. I can’t say I was surprised or overly bothered by it, however, I can see how some would be. It made me realise that the blogging world is just like school or work. If you look at it this way, you have some people who are at the higher end of the scale (Managers/Ringleaders) and those at the other. You have cliques, those that don’t like each other and then the independents.

I have chosen to become an independent. Interaction happens with those that I am drawn too and who actual want to interact with me; regardless of clique or level. I enjoyed my night and I will go again this year as it’s a lovely way to meet up with all the people you connect with online but don’t often get to meet face to face. You never know, I may even get nominated and actually have a reason to attend lol.


Beauty Columnist



I still can’t believe I actually write a column! I am so thankful to Brian Carroll of the Limerick Life for taking a chance on me and allowing me to produce a full page beauty column every 2 weeks. June was my first edition and since then it has opened many doors for me.

It was the reason I really transitioned into a beauty Blog and for that I am so thankful. I don’t think I would have the courage to go down that the road otherwise. The enjoyment I get from writing the column, especially now that I am not working is huge. I still shake my head at the thoughts of over 20,000 people reading my content!



Huawei Snapy Winner


Putting it out there blog by Yvonne Fegan Huawei Snapy Beauty Category Winner 2016



This was the biggest highlight of my blog this year. I fell in love with Instagram and it has now become my favourite social media platform for interaction ( you can find me HERE). The look that I created for the picture that won was completed in a matter of minutes. It was as a result of creating an eye look for a post (HERE) and I thought that I would do a matching lip while I was at it.

I loved this shot and I entered the Huawei Snapys as I thought it was perfect due to its imperfection. The colour is out there, the lines are by no means perfect and you can see my brace. I just thought it summed me up, not perfect and a bit off centre lol. It also highlighted to me that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I loved it but I am sure others were thinking what the hell that is all about.

I was all set to go to the awards, not because I thought I would win but again that it would be a learning curve. Unfortunately the day job got in the way and I could not make it up. I resigned myself to this fact and went about my business. All of a sudden my phone started hopping (I was out with no mobile data on) as I walked into my house.

Well, I thought I would die of shock when I found out I won. I mean I never win anything lol. Then I felt upset that I was not there; then I kind of felt relieved that I was not there. Imagine being on your own, walking up and collecting your award to go and sit back down again on your own. I would have been mortified.

I am of the mind-set that what is meant to be will be. There was a reason I was not present to collect the award. I am not sure what that is, but I feel solace thinking about it in this way.


New Friends


The nicest part of this year is all the new friends that I have made as a result of starting the blog. Some people I have met at events throughout the year and others I have actually yet to meet face to face. They have made this journey bearable (when needed), have been my travel buddies, or sounding boards and all round good ladies.

I have mentioned 4 of them above and I have to add Stephney from S2u Beauty Blog, Erin from Chasing Ruby Chat, Claire from Mamavoom, Joanne from Lipstick n Leopard Print, Ber from Sweet Style Wise and Sarah from So Beauty Stuff (we are going to do a fun collaboration soon so keep an eye out).

A special mention has to go to Sinead from The Beautiful Truth. I contacted her when I was thinking about starting the blog and she was so helpful and encouraging.


The Future of Putting it Out There Blog


I plan to continue on this crazy journey starting with a blogging workshops and the Goss.ie awards this Saturday! I want to expand more into fashion posts and even start a YouTube channel. It is important for me to continue to grow and try new things. For each new thing I do, I reflect on it, learn from it and try to do better the next time.

I have taken on board all the feedback you guys gave me. The plan is incorporate all of your suggestions; well the ones I am actual equipped to do anyway.


Again I want to say thanks to all of you that have supported me; read my posts and especially those of you who took the time to comment and engage. It’s all well and good sitting here writing a blog but if no one reads it or enjoys it; it feels a bit redundant lol.

Until next time!

Yvonne xx





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