Sculpted Palette and Brush by Aimee Connolly Review

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I recently attended the Irish Beauty Show and purchased the Sculpted palette and brush by Aimee Connolly. I went over to see it and fell in love with Champagne Cream. In my opinion, a cream highlight suits better for day wear especially when you hit a certain age! They can be much more flattering.

I did not purchase straight away, I went off had a look around first. I was drawn back and I purchased both the brush and the palette for €30 (special bundle price for the Irish Beauty Show). Normally the palette retails at €25 and the brush at €13 and Cloud10beauty have a bundle offer of €37.

I love to see Irish women succeed in business and Aimee is no different! However I have to say the palette just fell a bit short for me considering the price point. That said, there are many positives (the brush I love) and for Aimee first foray into the wild word of makeup production, I think she has done pretty well. I look forward to what comes next, as I can only imagine the steep learning curve that results from your very first product release!

As usual, I will go through swatches, looks and my overall thoughts and opinions on the palette and brush below.


Sculpted Palette and Brush by Aimee Connolly – Packaging


Sculpted palette and brush by aimee connolly review close up



This funnily enough was the biggest let down for me. The palette is priced at €25 and for that you get a bronzer, highlighting powder and highlighting cream. At this price point I expect the packaging to be on the more luxurious side. I am sorry to say this is not the case here.

You have a nice size mirror so all good there, along with a clasp closing which is always appreciated (especially when travelling). As a blogger who loves Instagram, I like my packaging clean and pretty to photograph. Unfortunately the plastic protective layer was stuck down with glue and it was a bitch to remove lol. I know it may sound silly but if you read my post’s, you already know I am anal about keeping my palettes in boxes. I like them clean and tidy.

This may not bother others but I just expected a more clean finish for the price point. I may have just got a dud as no one else has mentioned this issue; either that or they don’t care about such inconsequential crap like me lol.

I did love that it came with a little guide of how to apply each element of the palette. This was a nice touch!



Sculpted Palette and Brush by Aimee Connolly – Swatches


Sculpted palette and brush by aimee connolly review swatches




I will start with Champagne Cream (far right) as this was the main reason I bought the palette. Now there is a knack to applying cream highlighter! I have found what works best for me is to warm it up with my fingers and pat it into the skin. This gives you a nice subtle glow which is perfect for daytime. I am happy to say I did really like the Champagne Cream and I will continue to use this on a day-to-day basis. You do need to use a good bit to get that subtle glow but with other cream highlighters I have used this would be the norm.

The bronzer is quite pigmented and I was surprised to find it had a hit of shimmer to it! Nothing too out there but I never really looked at it closely before I purchased and I just assumed it would be matt. You definitely only need one swipe on the brush and I also tap it out (keep in mind I am quite pale). The first time I used it, I got carried away and it was a tad bit too dark. It blended out fine but I needed to put in a bit of work. I also use this as a transition shade on my eyes.

The Golden Sheen Highlight is just not suited to my skin tone and the glitter is a bit too chunky for my liking. I have a lot of texture on my skin so this highlighter is not flattering on me. I now use it as a shadow for my eyes and it is gorgeous. It lasted all day and I did not find that it transferred either!


Sculpted Palette and Brush by Aimee Connolly – The Brush


Sculpted palette and brush by aimee connolly review brush


Some people love a dual ended brush others hate them (storage maybe?) Personally I am not pushed as long as it is a good brush! This is a mighty little brush and now lives in my handbag makeup bag. The bigger brush is for applying your bronzer and it holds the product quite well (so an easy hand is required) and the smaller end is for applying your highlight or to contour.

I would repurchase this brush in a heartbeat!


Sculpted Palette and Brush by Aimee Connolly – The Looks


I have just added in a couple of pictures of the bronzer, powder and cream highlighter at work on both the face and eyes. I always like to see this myself personally when I read a review and try to do it as much as possible.


Sculpted palette and brush by aimee connolly review face look


Sculpted palette and brush by aimee connolly review open eye look


Sculpted Palette and Brush by Aimee Connolly – Sum it Up


Overall I liked the palette and loved the brush. It is by no means a bad buy, I just think the price point is a bit high. I do like that you can use it for both your eyes and face, you know I love a multi use product!


I hope you found the review helpful, however, as I always say this is “my opinion” and opinions are always subjective! What I like you may hate, why you expect may be very different from my expectations and so on and so forth!
Until Next Time

Yvonne xx

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