Sewing Homework – I Kid You Not

Sewing Machine

Hi All

As it was such a busy week last week, I never got to update you on how my sewing course is going. Well the class is great, the people are great, conversation is great, Michelle is great, however my ability to sew a straight line is shockingly bad! I mean if you saw some of my lines you would assume I was drunk or distracted while doing it…..I am not 🙂 I had forgotten all about my inability for straightness, I remember in secondary school when you had to trial all the optional subjects and I went to the technical Drawing class. I was given a T Square and told to draw straight lines and believe it or not they still were not straight lol.

On to the homework, 30 lines of stitches (any type and they did not have to be straight) on a meter length of curtain lining…..doesn’t it sound like we are getting detention 🙂 Sounds easy but I can safely say it wasn’t! Fair play to Michelle though I was able to thread my bobbin, thread the sewing machine, place the bobbin and fix any issues that went wrong (and how they did) without spending hours on that aspect. The hours of work came from trying to sew the 30 straight line! It just re-emphasis the need to know your bible (your manual) and to understand the mechanism of the machine so thanks Michelle! I would like to add, the lines did not have to be straight but I am a bit of a control freak so I get annoyed when things don’t go the way I want, in this case sew a straight line!

Sewing Machine

So I think its fair to say that the likelihood of me ever sewing a straight line is slim but hey the fun is in the trying right? Just don’t speak to my husband who heard me using very choice language last night as I battled with the sewing machine. I think that he might say that there was no fun involved, he would also say I disturbed his TV watching! Boohoo for him, I am sure it was more entertaining watching me trying to thread a needle or sew a straight line while shouting at the machine and threatening to throw it out the window.

Despite my uselessness, I am really enjoying the class. There is a diverse age range which I love, it goes to show that sewing appeals to all ages. It also results in interesting conversations – before and after class of course 🙂 To be fair I think I just need to relax and enjoy the experience more and not worry about how crooked my lines are. I am sure there is someone out there who wants a diagonal boot leg on their jeans?

I will keep you all updated on my progress………..if there is any 🙂

Yvonne xx

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