4 Ways to Style a Faux Fur Stole

4 ways to style a faux fur stole

Do you know how to style a faux fur stole? I decide to write this post after speaking to somebody randomly in Penneys yesterday as we both looked at the unbelievable offer in front of us. Just inside the door there was row after row of the below faux fur stole reduced to down to only €3. Straight away, I thought I am so buying this and had already thought of a few different ways I could use it. I happened to say to the lady beside me how nice I thought it was. Her response to me was “it sure is but I have no idea how or what I would wear with it”.


4 ways to style a faux fur stole


This then got me thinking; if this lady did not know, who else would bypass this bargain? I even thought, is this why so many were reduced in the first place. I mean they original price was only €15; so not too expensive. Yet there was so many just hanging there all lonely and unloved.

Hence this “4 ways to style a faux fur stole” idea was born. I hope you will find the below ideas beneficial and that it makes you go out and get that bargain!


Style 1 – Over One Shoulder


Over one shoulder style a faux fur stole


I have added one picture to give you an idea of what I mean when I say over one shoulder. This dress I generally use for work, however, if I want to dress it up; I add the faux fur stole over one shoulder. You can also do this with a crisp white shirt or a plain t-shirt to. You can add a belt and draw it over to the far side so that it is diagonal over your body. This is great way to hide any lumps and bumps lol. Pinterest is an amazing way to find ideas if you ever stuck. I always check it out if I am stuck for a fresh way to update a look. I have added one below to give you an idea ( Click here to go direct to the post https://www.pinterest.com/pin/168744317268533984/ )


Style a Faux Fur Stole Pinterest


Style 2 – A Twist on a Wrap


Style a faux fur stole as a wrap


Dress up your “night on the tiles” dress using the faux fur stole as a wrap! The dress above is from penneys and cost €7. This faux fur stole will give this dress an extra pop. The outfit will look more expensive immediately and will have the added bonus of keeping me warm!

You could also use this for any wedding that you may have coming up. As the colour of this faux fur stole is very neutral, it will go with almost any colour.


Style 3 – Dress up a Leather Jacket


Style a faux fur stole over a leather jacket


This is my favourite way to wear the stole. I pop it over my leather jacket as above. I also use it with other coats I have as well; it’s the perfect way to give a coat an extra pop. This is especially important when you buy clothing from the high-street. We all have been in that position , where we are in the same room as someone, wearing the same item of clothing as you. Adding accessories such as the faux fur stole means you have changed its appearance. No more will you quietly try to shrug off your coat lol.

Below find another few ideas from Pinterest (Link HERE and HERE)




Style 4 – Keeping it toasty over a Jumper



style a faux fur stole over a jumper and belt


This look is perfect for everyday, especially for the day is not too cold. The faux fur stole will give you the added warmth, while you continue to remain stylish! I have paired it with a belt, however you can always just leave it free. As I am small and pear shaped, the belt will give me added definition; while the stole will add width to my shoulders. This will give the illusion that my body is in proportion!


I hope you enjoyed the post and that it will encourage you to go out and pick up a faux fur stole. I am so happy with my bargain buy. This is 4 outfits that I have changed the look off just by adding this stole; not bad for €3!

I really enjoyed writing this post and I hope you enjoyed reading it. Let me know if you would like to see more post’s like this.

Until next time

Yvonne xx





35 thoughts on “4 Ways to Style a Faux Fur Stole

  1. I love the idea of adding the stole to your leather coat, but my favorite look from this post was the belted one-shoulder look. My daughter liked it added to the dress though – she’s very into fashion right now (she’s nearly 13) and loves anything that looks or feels fancy.

  2. Great ideas for wearing that piece of clothing! Mine was so nice and fluffy that I was wearing it like a normal scarf- around my neck:) I don’t think it was very stylish but (at least) comfy:D

  3. I don’t really use this but I think these are great ideas! I love that you can do so many unique and stylish looks for just one accessory! That’s awesome!

  4. I went to an event last night where we wore handbook (traditional Korean dress) and one young lady wore hers wrapped around her neck instead of a jacket. It was beautiful, and I wished I had thought of it.

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