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All about you Style Event – The Low Down


So I attended this style event Saturday last, as I had seen it randomly come up on a Facebook page and I thought why not? The day cost €55, was held in the Savoy Hotel Limerick and consisted of various experts in their field either discussing or demonstrating their particular skill. Lunch was also included in the price so to be honest it was well worth the money spent.

This was the first style event with another two scheduled over the coming months,  check out the Glamour Agency page HERE for details of the next events. As with all new events, it will take time to develop and with attendees feedback, I am sure it will become even better so I would definitely recommend anyone who is interested in beauty, hair, fashion and mindfulness to definitely attend. So without further ado I will discuss the individual experts and give my humble but honest opinion on each. The links to all the experts are in the title heading if you wish to check them out further.


The Days Running Order


Fiona Doyle (Owner of the Glamour Agency) – Fashion Tips

Fiona Doyle


I really enjoyed this piece but it was a small bit rushed (due to us fashionable late ladies) and I would have loved to see the key items that were spoken about put together on a real person. The tips were great though and included such things as using accessories to bring an outfit from ok to wow, tips about what is on trend at present, tips on moving your wardrobe from winter to spring and using the colour wheel to understand what colours can be worn together. Overall it was a great help and I ran out and bought more accessories as it is the one area I can be quite poor at remembering to buy.


Siobhan Quin (Manager of the Zip Yard) – How to Dress for your Body Shape

Siobhan Quin


I felt that this piece was really interesting as Siobhan spoke about body shape and how to dress for it. She had examples of dresses that were brought to Zip yard to be altered or completely changed and she discussed the changes made for that particular body shape. Again I would have loved this piece to be longer with more interaction with the attendees. I would love to know what body shape I have and if what I was wearing on the day was appropriate for my shape. The great bit though is that Siobhan will do a consultation without charge to discuss your body shape and if you bring in items from your wardrobe she will suggest changes that they can do to make it work for you. I know we all have items in our wardrobes that we have bought which have been so wrong for us….I would highly recommend going into the Zip yard, I know that I will be paying a visit in the near future!!


Aidan O’Brien (Leading Potential) – Success Coach, Health and Wellness

Aidan O'Brien


Aidan was the hidden highlight of the day for me….I thought it was going to be all about eating right and all that jazz (which I know is important but completely lost on me). The main piece was actually about how to be successful with tips and information on how to achieve this. Obviously as I am just at the beginning of a new challenge and one that I wish to succeed at, so this piece really resonated with me and filled me with conviction that I needed to keep going on the blog. The key take away for me and was Aidan formula to success – Say yes, then tell the world and figure it out as you go!


Susan Fox (Professional Makeup Artist) – Make up Application

Susan Fox


Well I have a biased opinion of Susan as she did my wedding makeup for me in 2007! I saw her at a wedding fair and was blown away how flawless the models looked without looking caked in makeup and this was really important to me as I do not have the best skin in the world. So I was excited to get some tips on how to apply my makeup and more importantly move from a day to night look. For this element you bring in your own cleanser, moisturiser and makeup and Susan goes around offering advice. This takes place after Susan demonstrates on a member of group. I really enjoyed this section of the day and I wished the time allotted was longer but it did not take away from the stellar advice from this pro!


Ciara Downes (Park Avenue Hair and Make Up) – Hair Advice and Styling

Ciara Downes

Ciara demonstrated on how to create curls with heated rollers and with a GHD. She also offered advice on what products to use, how to backcomb and how to put your hair in a textured ponytail. For this section you could also bring in your GHD so that you could practice on your own hair while Ciara went around and offered advice. I use rollers but I never attempted the do GHD curls so I am delighted that I now know how and I picked up some great tips on hair products. Again I really enjoyed this section and Ciara was lovely!

So that is it in a nutshell, however, the icing on the cake was the little goodie we received when we left. It included a lovely set of earnings from No. 15 Le Masion (who you will be well aware off from my previous posts), a free makeover for McCabe’s Pharmacy, special offer on coaching session with Aidan and with one on one makeup lessons with Susan, a voucher for Zip Yard and fab eye cream from Ziaja.

Overall it was a great day and I am really glad I went (on my own) as I met the fabulous Naomi whom I felt like I had known forever. It just goes to show you should never stop yourself going somewhere just because you are on your own!! If you are looking for a day out with a difference then I would highly recommend attending this event which will be on again in May.

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Till next time xxx



2 thoughts on “Glamour Agency – All about you Style Event

  1. Thank you Yvonne for the lovely review! Yes it began a little late but with us women that is to be expected eh! My part was to talk about the transition from Winter to Spring and how when we walk into shops it can be quite over whelming when we see florals , prints, bright colour everywhere at this time of the year ! Its hard to know what to pick up- if your like me you’ll want it all! Ive learned the hard way and have spent a fortune buying one off pieces i never wear again- so a tip given to me which i now use is buy a bright/ floral/print scarf or a nice piece of accessories …begin here! you can be right on trend with a black top and a floral scarf( as is on trend Spring/Summer 2016).
    After talking about ward robe essentials I moved on to speaking about accessories as this in an area i LOVE- i wanted to show you how you can dress up an outfit with a nice statement piece and you don’t have to spend a fortune. I had expensive pieces from a leading jewelry company and less expensive ones from a high street store- the less expensive ones were as nice and a lot of you were surprised where they were from. I showed some of the fashions from Spring Summer 2016 on one of my models from Aisling Mahers boutique in Adare. My model wore an orange ruffle dress ( both on trend for Spring Summer 2016) I showed a fabulous floral jacket from Aisling Maher also. I welcomed peoples feed back after the event here- you would like to of seen more fashions on models . So at the next event i will use more models and introduce more clothes- like a mini fashion show!! ( I am delighted that this is what you want!!). I have to say I was so nervous to begin with but really enjoyed it once i got into it! So thanks for baring with me 🙂
    Next up was Siobhan from the Zipyard- she spoke about dressing for your body shaper. Siobhan is a body consultant and is so gifted at her job. She told me she got lots of private bookings after the Workshop.
    Aidan was our next speaker- as you said- our hidden gem! I love hearing Aidan speak. He is an international Succcess coach and is great at what he does. He is all about positivity and encouraged us all to get rid of the negative people in our lives!! He offers so much encouragement. I realize I should of had a break during his two hour speech as he has so much to offer . So again i have taken this on board and will have a fruit and water break half way through his talk. A lot of the ladies present booked private coaching sessions with Aidan also since the event.
    Susan Fox was our fabulous makeup artist and she spent an hour doing a make up demonstration on one of the attendees then you all had a chance to put into practice what she had shown you there and then while she walked around answering questions. My reasons for restricting the numbers on the day to 40 was so that you would have a lot more interaction and if you had a question esp in the area of makeup Susan could come around and personally show you. I will always limit the numbers attending these events to 35-45 for his reason. It makes it more personal. Plus this is a full on course where i wanted you all to get value for money.. The goody bags were an added extra I organized. Lorraine from Number 15 kindly gave us lovely earrings (she gave the same ones to all the ladies attending the Sparkle and Shine ball recently and they were all so grateful!) We also had a FREE makeover voucher from McCabes some sample creams from McCabes , Eye cream from Ziaja and a makeup voucher for Susan Fox- a nice goody bag which nearly all of you welcomed and were grateful for also.

    Thank you Yvonne – I welcome any constructive feedback. I have taken on board everything you have said and others and have received amazing positive feedback from most of the attendees- I understand these events don’t please everyone and people may not get as much out of it as others will. I priced the event as reasonable as I could considering the location, the amount of speakers on the day and that lunch and tea/coffee were included also.
    My reason for hosting these events is to give ladies a day out where they meet other lovely ladies , learn as much as they can and come away with new skills and confidence they can put in to place immediately but most of all to feel good after the day. If you can take home some new information you learned from the day that will help you – I’m happy with that (no matter how big or small!!) . My Facebook got a lot of lovely comments from some of the attendees and I’m glad to say I’m still in contact with a lot of you since!! xx heres to May 22nd to our next event and thank you for writing such a lovely write up. Its a learning curve for me a this was my second Style workshop but my first with so many speakers!

    1. Hi Fiona

      It was a great day and great value for money and long may it continue!! I am delighted you are happy with review, I wanted it to be honest and constructive which I hoped I achieved.

      Best of luck in your future events…not that you will need it.

      Yvonne xx

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