Top 10 Beauty New Year Resolutions You Need To Make In 2017


Top 10 Beauty New Year Resolutions 2017


As another year draws to a close, it is that time when we look back on the year we had and make our new resolution for the next year. Now I know these can be life changing decisions for some but I am keeping it light and I am going to share with you the top 10 beauty resolution you have to make for 2017!


No.1 Buy good Makeup Brushes


  • This is something I have learned over the last few years. I just bought any old cheap makeup brushes and for some jobs these are just fine. For other like applying your foundation, sculpting and the trauma that can be wing liner then you need to buy good quality brushes. I promise you, it will change how your makeup looks and you will wonder why it took you so long to make the change before now.


No.2 Double Cleansing


  • It sounds crazy however if you wear a full face of makeup every day, your first cleanse is only removing the remnants of said makeup and some daily grime. Your second cleanse will give a deeper clean and remove impurities from your pores and leaves your skin much softer. Using an oil based cleanser to remove your makeup is the way to go and there various types to suit all budgets on the market. The follow it up with your normal cleanser. Your skin will thank you for it.


No.3 Skin Analysis/Facials


  • Here I am actually going to have to practice what I preach! This year I am going to get a proper skin analysis and tailor my skincare to the results. As life progresses our skin can change as a result of motherhood, aging, stress and poor diet to name but a few. This means we all should take the time out to get professional advice, at least once a year if the budget is tight. The results will inform you of the type of products your skin needs and you can purchase all together if feasible and if not one product at a time.


No.4 Find your perfect Blush


  • The perfect colour blush for your skintone can make such a difference to your makeup look. It really warms up the face, especially for those of us with paler skin tones. If you are pale, choose a light peach or pink blush, for medium tone chose a deep peach or bright pink and for dark skin an orange or bright pink/red blush.


No.5 Set aside an hour a week pamper time


  • In this modern age, it seems that we are always going and going. If this sounds like you, it is time to set aside at least 1 hour every week. During this time, put on a face mask, paint your nails, give your hair a treatment. Shut out the world, light a candle and maybe read a book or listen to music as you pamper yourself. You will feel so much better and relaxed after.


No.6 Clean your Makeup Brushes Regularly


  • I used to be so bad at doing this, however, since I invested in good makeup brushes such as NIMA, Real Techniques and Zoeva this year, I have taken really good care of them. The difference it has made to the brushes and the application of my makeup is unreal. So don’t be a lazy sod like I used to be and take care of the Makeup Brushes you have bought based on point 1 😉


No.7 Pamper your feet


  • If you are like me you forget all about your feet and toes at this time of the year! We really shouldn’t though as summer will be here before we know it and our feet will be out for the entire world to see. I promise, if you look after them now, your workload will be minimum by the time the summer has arrived. Even if you just lather on a really good heavy duty moisturiser or even Vaseline on your feet at night and pop on a pair of socks your skin will be noticeable softer.


No.8 Go Natural


  • I am making a huge effort to use natural makeup and beauty products for 2017. I have already made a good start but I plan to do a bit more research this year and start to use natural makeup products. All the parabens and nastiness that can be contained in our daily beauty and makeup products is quite scary.


No.9 Get a regular trim


  • If you do nothing else with your hair, you should definitely get a regular trim. This will keep your hair in good condition and the style fresh. The average time is meant to be 6-8 weeks but I generally do it every 12 weeks and I have noticed a huge difference in the quality of my hair. If like m, you have to dye your hair quite regularly you will need all the help you can get to keep your hair in good condition and this is first step.


No. 10 Make time to do your nails or get someone else to do them


  • I have said this on many an occasion; your look is just not finished if your nails are bare! I generally do my nails myself as I have strong long finger nails so I am lucky. If you are not so lucky or you are just not too hot at applying nail polish yourself (checkout out my steps to a home manicure HERE for some tips) then get them done in a beauty salon.



Are you going to follow any of my top 10 beauty new year resolutions? Is there anything else that you think should also be on the list? I would love to hear your thoughts!

Till next time

Yvonne xx



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