Top 7 Beauty Fails 2016

Beauty Fails top 7 for 2016

I promised a Beauty Fails post, so here it is. They amount of beauty items I bought this year is actually shocking. If I told you the money  spent you would be horrified; so I wont. You would never look at me in the same light again lol. I just wanted to say before you continue to read “This is only my opinion” and is reflective of my skin type and very high expectations. You may disagree and that’s ok. If we all thought the same and loved the same products; that would equate to a very boring world.

So are you ready to hear about my beauty fails? Then keep reading.


Beauty Fails – Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer


Beauty Fails Collection Lasting perfection concealer


I read some many positive reviews for this budget friendly concealer, I just had to go out to my local Boots and buy it! I was actually horrified at the end result; It gave me lines that I never even knew I had! I can safely say that this concealer is not made for those of a certain age! The consistency when applied also felt quite cakey and highlighted dry areas; areas I also did not notice before application!

Like most products I am not mad about initially; I revisit again, in the event I was just having an off day. I actually tried the Collection concealer on 4 different occasion and each time I had the same issue.

If you are young, fresh faced, with a normal skin type; this concealer may actually work for you. For those of us that are 30+, with a well mapped face lol I would definitely give this concealer a miss!


Beauty Fails – Colour Pop Gel Liner


Beauty Fails Colour pop gel eye liner


This year I order a could few different items from Colour Pop (A full review will follow later this month) and the only item I was truly disappointed with was their gel liner. I am not sure where to even begin! The colour payoff is so poor and dry is not even they word to describe them. I bought two different colours so I can only assume that it could not be a once of dud.

All gel liners get dry once the air hits them and I have duraline to combat this issue. That said, I do not expect the liner to be so dry on first opening. I was probably expecting too much for the price of $6. In my opinion, it is hard enough to get that perfect wing liner without working with dryness and coat after coat making it even harder.


Beauty Fails – Kevin Murphy Fresh Hair


Beauty Fails kevin murphy fresh hair


Last year I attended the Professional Beauty Road show and Kevin Murphy had a stand. I read a lot about Kevin Murphy’s products; his philosophy behind the brand and was genuinely impressed, so I was delighted to see them at the show. The products are expensive so I only bought a mini can of the fresh hair to try out and that was €7 for a 12oz.

Now I didn’t hate this product but I don’t understand all the hype that surrounded the brand. I mean its a dry shampoo, it does soak up the oil like all dry shampoos and it smelt nice. I can however get the same results from Balste at a fraction of the cost. It just goes to show that sometimes the hype is exactly just that!


Beauty Fails – L’Oreal True Match Foundation


Beauty Fails L'Oreal true match foundation


I am sure that some many of you will disagree with me on this one but just hear me out lol. The colour range is massive and its budget friendly; all of this I agree with. Unfortunately, This foundation just slid off my face after a couple of hours. I mean, it was literally dripping off my T-Zone.

I tried it with different primers and setting powders; yet I never got to the 4th hour without having to reapply. I just don’t have time for reapplying, hell I am lucky to get foundation on in the first place.

I love their Matt Infallible and I use it quite often so I would suggestion if you are oily in any way or suffer from dehydration than try this instead. It can still break down but it lasts much longer then its counter part.


Beauty Fails – Maybelline Master Ink in White


Beauty Fails Maybelline Master Ink White Eyeliner


If you follow me on Snapchat (@putting_it) You will know I raved about the Maybelline Master Ink Black Matte liquid liner. I still love that liquid liner and its my go to when I am in a hurry and don’t have the time to apply gel liners. As I was so happy with the black one; I went out and bought it in white.

I was so disappointed with the white liner. I was trying to create a double eyeliner look and the colour payoff was so poor. This meant I had to go back and go over the line with numerous coats; this resulted in a very patchy wig liner! To be fair, a really good white liner seems to be very hard to find!


Beauty Fails – NYC individual Eyes


Beauty Fails NYC Individual Eye Palette


I bought this little eye set on a complete whim. You see you should never buy anything on a whim, in 90% of cases it ends in disappointment. I bought the set as it had a primer, illuminator and 4 colours to give you a complete eye look. I should have left it in the shop haha….I am very harsh!

It was so hard to blend, the colour payoff was crap and generally I just didn’t like it. I can’t remember how much I paid for it, what I do know is my money would have been better spent elsewhere!

I will leave it there…I am pretty sure I have made my feelings pretty clear.


Beauty Fails – Makeup Revolution Focus and Fix Eye Primer


Beauty Fails Makeup Revolution Focus and Fix Eye Primer


If you follow the blog, you will know I love Makeup Revolution. I have bought so many products this year and genuinely cannot fault them especially for the price point. This focus and fix eye primer is the only exception, I just don’t get it! It is like a light golden colour with a shimmer running through it. Like, that is not primer in my opinion, more like a cream eyeshadow.

I found that when I used it, I struggled to blend it out and it always added a shimmer look to my eyeshadow. Overall it was just a big no no!


So that is it my top beauty fails for 2016. Do you agree? What else should be added to the list? I would love to hear them.


Until next time

Yvonne xxx


8 thoughts on “Top 7 Beauty Fails 2016

  1. I didn’t feel the L’Oréal True Match was nearly as magical as everyone made it out to be. It made me breakout and my face would be so oily and shiny aster just a few hours. Great post!

  2. I also bought the Colourpop Gel liner last year as well and was also disappointed in it. It was dry for me so I fear you may have gotten a faulty batch. Mine was just so gulpy if that makes sense. it went in in lumps and it was general didn’t stay put like most gel liners. I was very disappointed. I did also buy their nornal eyeliners and I did like that. I’m addicted to their lippys though. Can’t get enough.

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