Urban Decay – Naked Ultimate Basic Eyeshadow Palette

Urban Decay Naked Ultimate Basic Palette

Urban Decay – Naked Ultimate Basic Eyeshadow Palette


Hi All

I am back to talk about the new Urban Decay Naked Ultimate Basic Eyeshadow Palette which is my first purchase from Urban Decay!! Yes I know, I have been hiding under a rock ūüôā

I was drawn to this palette simply because it was all Matte shades and as much as I love a shimmer/glitter on my eyes, my poor crinkly eyes lids do not give them the best base to work with. Instead of purchasing an older Naked Palette, I thought I may as well buy the new release so that I could give all of you dedicated Urban Decay Fans or those like me who are thinking about making their first purchase, a taste of what the Naked Ultimate Basic palette is like.

Naked Ultimate Basic Eyeshadow Palette – Overview

First off, the Naked Ultimate Basic palette was much smaller than I expected it to be! I am not sure what size I thought it was gong to be but it obviously did not meet my expectation lol. That said, the packaging makes up for my disappointment, in all of its rose gold glory! I just wish the inside of the palette was not as puckered (this is really a cosmetic reason for my instagram lol)


Urban Decay Naked Ultimate Basic Palette cover


The eyeshadow themselves; 12 in total are a lovely mixture of neutral colours with brows, pink, orange, grey and black tones. There is some fallout when picking up the colour but I did not notice it so much when applying. They are very buttery which makes them easy to blend, however, the colour payoff was not as strong as I expected.


Urban Decay Naked Ultimate Basic Eyeshadow Palette – Swatches


urban decay naked ultimate basic eyeshadow palette close up


On the top row you have Blow which is the only eyeshadow that has some shimmer in it so its perfect for your brow bone or the inner corner of the eye. Then you have Nudie and Commando which are perfect neutral shades to use as a transition colour or to set your eye primer depending on your skin tone. Tempted and Instinct are up next and these are my go to colours to apply to my crease, followed up with Lethal to darken out the outer corner.

As you can see from the below swatches, which I applied lightly on my arm minus any primer, you can see the colour payoff is not strong but I kind of like this as it means it is easier to build and control. This is especially perfect for those of us who are not experts in the auld eyeshadow application ūüėČ


Urban Decay Naked Ultimate Basic Palette swatches top row


On the bottom row, up first is Pre-Game and this is what I use to set my primer as I am very pale and this is perfect as a setting powder. Extra bitter is my favourite colour in the palette, it is a rich brown orange toned eyeshadow which is ideal for an Autumn look (see below eye look). Faith and Lockout are both brown shades with Faith being the lighter in colour of the two. These are the perfect duo for the crease (faith) and the outer corner (Lockout) to get you a rich brown smokey eye. Magnet is another colour that I have used all over my lid, it is not too dark but it is buildable for your looking for a more smouldery look. Last but not least you have Blackjack which I use to darken out my outer v or as alternative to eyeliner on my top lash line.


Urban Decay Naked Ultimate Basic Palette swatches bottom row


Urban Decay Naked Ultimate Basic Eyeshadow – Eye Look

I created the below eye look using Blow on my brow bone and inner corner, followed up with Commando as my transition colour and Instinct in my crease. I then applied Lethal in the outer corner and Extra Bitter on the lid. On my lower lash line I use lethal and extra bitter.

I had to build the extra bitter shade as I did not wet my brush but this gave me the ability to work on blending it without the colour coming on too strong.

On the right you have the look with the Sleek Dip Liner and Kiss individual lashes and on the left you have it without the liner for a more day friendly look.





Urban Decay Naked ultimate basic palette full face look with shiseido synchro skin foundation, wetnwild megaslick lip balm stain and sleek dip it eyeliner


Above is my full face look using Shiseido Synchro skin (review here) and the Megaslick Lip Stain Balm (review here).

Overall I am glad that this was my first Urban Decay purchase, I love it alone for the extra bitter shade. I am not overly convinced it is worth ‚ā¨48 but now that I have it; I do love using it and I am excited to create more looks. It is¬†a good palette for someone who is starting off on their makeup journey as they are easy to blend, has nice neutral colours¬†making it¬†a staple palette for your collection.

Has anyone else bought the palette? What is your opinion on it?

Yvonne xx






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  1. Well done Yvonne, I love the look you created, I bought a few vouchers for my God Daughter as she loves Urban Decay, never used it myself but I will have a closer look next time!

    Thank you x

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