Urban Veda Range – First Impressions

Urban Veda

I was lucky enough to be sent a big box of  Urban Veda  Skin and Body care which I am going to share with one of you on Facebook, check it out HERE. I could not have possibly used all the goodies myself so one lucky duck will win the below bundle, not bad says you!

*Please note that this post is not Sponsored or an Advertisement. I was sent a package and decided to share it out, I have only one body and one face. Sometimes it’s just nice to share the love and thankfully Urban Veda agreed!


Urban Veda


Now I couldn’t give them all away, I kept a few for myself to try. Personally, I am making a conscious effort to use more natural products for both my body and skin. All of the range are Paraben free, cruelty free and vegetarian friendly. The Urban Veda range is all based on the Ayurveda principles. If like me, you don’t have a clue what that is, I will sum it up as quickly and simply as I can.



Urban Veda

Urban Veda – What is it all about?


Ayurveda is the holistic healing system of India and at its core states that wellness all depends on the balance between the mind, body and spirit. The philosophy is based on humans aspiring to reach one or more of 4 specific goals; Kama (enjoyment), Artha (prosperity), Dharma (career) and Moska (enlightenment).

From this philosophy Ayurveda states that there are 3 body types which are called Dosha; Vata, Pitta and Kapha. These 3 types detail everything from our skin type, health, personality and physical characteristics.

The Urban Veda range has taken on the Ayurveda approach and built their range around these 3 Dosha and a mixed Dosha. When you go in-store to purchase or online; you fill out a questionnaire to help you decide which Dosha you come under. If your interested you can do the questionnaire HERE.

So that is it on a very basic level! I like the idea of range taking on other aspects other than skin type. I always wonder if prescribing for just your skin type is enough. Diet and overall health is taken into consideration, however when choosing our skin care we don’t really think about other elements such as personality!


Urban Veda – Skin Care


Urban Veda


When I filled out the questionnaire I typically did not fall under one Dosha, I am a Tri-Doshic! Sure when am I ever straight forward lol. This is what the website says about Tri-Doshic;

Tri-doshic types benefit from neutral products suitable for all three Doshas, similarly all Dosha types can use tri-doshic products. Urbanveda’s tridoshic skin care range, Rose + botanics, is beneficial for all skin types and is particularly supportive of mature skin in need of replenishment and repair. Utilising ingredients that induce relaxation, Rose is renowned for combating the signs of aging, as well as possessing balancing and regulating properties.”

In a nutshell, if you Tr-Doshic you use that range; if you fall under a particular Dosha you can also use this range based on its neutral products.

I got over excited however and picked out skin care and opened the products I wanted to try before I filled out the questionnaire; of course they were not Tri-Doshic! I swear I jump the gun some much its exhausting lol Anywho the Skin Care I did choose are as follows: Turmeric & Botanics Radiance exfoliating Facial Polish and radiance day cream. These products come under the Vata Dosha and deal with dull and pigmentation issues.


Urban Veda



Urban Veda


As I have only started using both the facial polish and day cream; I cannot really give it a full review but I will tell you my thoughts on both so far.

The facial polish and day cream both smell divine. They contain turmeric and a botanical infusion of marigold, patchouli and coriander.

The Facial polish claims to naturally brighten, balance skin tone and generally revitalise lack-lustre skin. The scrub is creamy and contains natural pumice to exfoliate. I have used it twice as I only ever exfoliate my skin twice a week. The packaging does not state how often to use it, however, I am assuming it is the standard 1-2 times a week.

As it is so creamy it is not like the normal scrubs I would use, more gentle. That said, I still found it done the job. Unlike my other scrubs it left my skin feeling hydrated. Normally when I use a scrub, it removes the dead skin but also strips the moisture. This has become an issue for me since finding out I am dehydrated, so I am going to replace my other scrubs with this and use it exclusively. I will report back on how I get on.

The replenishing day cream is very creamy. Initially I was concerned as I do have oily skin and creams generally do not suit my skin. My skin becomes congested quite easily and I have a lot of milia so I am always wary. Since using it, I will say it has left me with a nice hydrated canvas for my makeup application. Long term for my skin type I am not sure it will be ideal, again its too early to tell so I will report back.


Urban Veda – Body Care


Urban Veda


After jumping the gun with the skin care products, I picked the correct body care set for my Tri-Doshic state! This is a little travel set and includes a body scrub, body wash and body lotion. It deals with mature and dry skin! I am not sure I am liking the mature part but that is about the only negative!

These are infused with rose and the smell represent flowers. It reminds me of a very fresh natural floral smell. Overall I really enjoyed using all 3 items. Again this scrub is mild-mannered, I would use it more regularly than some of the stronger body scrubs I have. The body wash and body lotion definitely left my skin hydrated and I felt relaxed after my shower. Believe me when I say relaxed is not a word that would be used to describe me, so to say that is something.


To Sum it up


Overall I am impressed with the products I have tried and more so the principles behind the brand. We all need to be more conscious about what we put on our bodies! I mean we think about what we consume and its impact on our health and wellbeing. However when it comes to skin and body care; we pump some amount of chemicals and ingredients on to it without asking any questions!

I would love to know what you think about the principles behind the brand. Is it something that you feel you could buy into?

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Until Next Time

Yvonne xx





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2 thoughts on “Urban Veda Range – First Impressions

  1. Hi Yvonne, I am a user of this skin care range and I have to say I absolutely LOVE it!! Like yourself I would be prone to oily skin, especially around the t-zone, I use the purifying range (the one with the green packaging) and I have to say my skin has never been as refreshed or as clear as it is now. Could be something to try 😉

    1. Hi Chanel that’s great to hear, I am definitly going to give the oily skin products a go too. Just love that they are natural! Thanks for taking the time to comment x

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