Want to Become a Dewy Glow Goddess?

how to get a dewy glow makeup look

Want to Become a Dewy Glow Goddess?

I am sure like me you are hoping to master the au natural dew-drop skin look for summer. For some it takes finding the right products for your skin type and knowing the correct way to apply them. Once you got this down you will be walking out of your house looking like a Dewy Glow Goddess!


For this step you want to plump out the skin, reduce dehydration while not making the skin oily. All skin types require hydration especially during the summer months, however oily skin types should always go for an oil free product. Combination skin can sometimes require two different type of products such as a hydration moisturizer for particular dry/normal areas and oil free for T-Zone area.

This is the case for me, so I use a hydrating moisturizer at night (Garnier Miracle Sleeping Cream) and an oil free moisturizer in the morning.



Apply a thin layer of primer once your moisturizer has sunk into the skin. This helps to keep the moisture in the skin while making your foundation sit nicely and help it stay put for the day. It can also help reduce small imperfections. You can also mix your foundation and primer together which will help to achieve a dewy appearance. A good example of a product suitable for this look would be Clarins Beauty Flash Balm.



At this stage you need to put the matte foundation down and step away. To achieve the dewy look, you need a foundation that has hydrating or luminous formulations (not shimmery). Using a stippling brush gives a more flawless finish but you can use a foundation brush for the areas that require more coverage. A good brightening concealer is a key requirement for this natural look, at the higher end of the scale YSL Touche Eclat (€35) is excellent or on the lower end price range Seventeen Wow concealer (€6.99) does a great job of brightening and hiding dark circles.

Sculpt & Contour

This should be done with a very easy hand for this look. Where to apply; all depends on your face shape but the general rule of thumb is on your forehead at the hairline, Jaw line, under your cheekbones and down along the side of the nose on both sides.

Highlight & Glow

Dab some highlighter on all the high points of your face that catch the sun normally. Think the top of your cheekbones, brow bones, cupids bow and chin. You could also go for a shimmery pink bronzer for a slight flush on the cheeks. Makeup Revolution Golden Sugar 2 palette is a perfect budget buy to achieve both the Sculpt and Highlight as the palette has blush, highlight and a contour. This retails at €9 in Superdrug.


Now your ready to face the world with a beautiful glow!

Yvonne xx






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